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Picnic Island Park

Editor's pick

Categories: Attraction, Park

Features: Beach/Waterfront, Boat ramp, Canoe/kayak trails, Dog-friendly, Fishing piers, Picnic shelters, Playground, Swimming area

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The mack daddy of city of Tampa waterfront parks, Picnic Island has it all, if you don't mind driving past gypsum plants, gasoline silos and other gritty industrial buildings. In addition to a long swimming beach, the park has a boat ramp, fishing pier, canoe launch, dog beach, restrooms, children's playgrounds and picnic shelters galore. The city added an observation deck and other improvements to boost the park's reputation as a poor cousin to Pinellas's pristine beaches. You can find it at the south end of Commerce Street in Port Tampa.

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Picnic Island Park - MacDill Area