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Saigon Deli

Editor's pick

Categories: Restaurant

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Features: Kid-friendly, Takeout

Cost range: 1.00-10.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Saigon Deli has had an avid following among the banh mi cognoscenti since 2005. Lam Le offers four varieties, the best of which is the combo. Order at the counter and they assemble it pronto: Baguette, very crispy, slathered with pate (tasted chicken livery, but could have been other kinds of liver), head cheese and ham, pile up with crisp and sweet and just slightly spicy daikon and carrot matchsticks and soft pickley cucumbers, lots of cilantro (and somehow the cilantro stems add to the beauty) and a tang of fish sauce and jalapeno. Warm. And wrapped in waxed paper. Add to that a to-go cup of Vietnamese coffee, very bitter, very sweet with condensed milk, lots of ice.

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