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Tampa Bay Grand Prix

Categories: Racetrack

Admission: Adults $16 for 14 laps, kids $12 for 10 laps

More in this neighborhood: Pinellas Park

This 1/4-mile indoor concrete track is surrounded by a TecPro barrier system for protection. The high-torque electric carts have two sizes: adults (minimum height of 56 inches, up to 45 mph) and kids (minimum height 48 inches, up to 20 mph). The computerized scoring and timing system keeps track of how you're doing, and you get a printout of your lap times at the end. Annual license required to drive ($5 at the track). Helmets, head socks and neck braces are provided. Waiver forms, available online or at the track, must be signed.

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Tampa Bay Grand Prix - Pinellas Park