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Illustration by Steve Madden

From the food editor: Tips for cooking during the school year

New #CookClub recipe: Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Mild peppers are charred before being stuffed with a chorizo-cheese-corn mixture.

  1. There are now Pumpkin Spice Latte-flavored M&M's


    Brace yourselves. There is yet another salacious layer to the recent Pumpkin Spice Latte news that sent the Internet into a pumpkin-spiced frenzy.

  2. Yes, you can grow a garden of vegetables in Florida; here's how


    Some gardeners like to grow vegetables during the summer in Florida.

    A backyard garden can truly be a thing of beauty. I have about 40 beds and grow a variety of vegetables, but just a bed or two will work fine for any beginning gardener. You can see squash plants in the foreground, which I no longer grow because of problems with mildew and pests.
  3. Recipes for a fall garden bounty: radishes, peas and Swiss chard


    Not exactly sure what to do with your garden bounty? You don't have to work too hard to make any of these fresh, right-from-the-ground veggies taste good, but here are some ways to jazz them up.

    A story on gardening in Florida for Taste is highlighted with a radish dish.
  4. From the food editor: a warning about working with peppers


    This is a tale of how I spent six hours soaking my hands in a bowl of ice water thanks to a stuffed pepper craving.

  5. #CookClub recipe: Stuffed Poblano Peppers (with how-to video)


    If you can't get your hands on chorizo, you can sub in ground beef. Or, to make it a vegetarian meal, try using cubed and roasted sweet potato. And click here to join our Lunchtime Chats at 12:30 p.m. today and …

    Stuffed Poblano Peppers [MONICA HERNDON | Times]
  6. Five ideas for using peanut butter: sauce, granola bars, smoothies and more


    Forget using peanut butter in kids' lunch boxes this week. We have five ideas for the nutty spread beyond PB&J sandwiches.

    Michelle Stark, Times food editor

    Granola bars

    Peanut butter brings protein and flavor.
  7. Cook Hack: Tips for picking a ripe pineapple


    Tips for picking a ripe pineapple: There are a couple of fresh fruits that you take a gamble on. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon — it's tough to know what's going on inside, and sometimes the flesh is too soft or too hard to be enjoyed. Add pineapple to that list. This is the one that we tend to have …

  8. Taste test: frozen or refrigerated macaroni and cheese


    No matter how high we aim to be healthy, many consumers, especially those with children, all too often reach for store-bought macaroni and cheese to satisfy cravings for carbs. Food manufacturers know our patterns and they have been churning out frozen and refrigerated options as fast as we can heat them up in the …

  9. You Asked For It: Copycat Panera Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


    Can anyone provide the copycat chocolate chip cookie recipe from Panera? Thank you.

    Julia Dromer, Holiday

    Copycat Panera Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies call for dark brown sugar, which lends a deep, intense flavor.
  10. Healthy, tasty dinner is in the bag with Weeknight Lemon Chicken


    Life is busy. We don't always have the luxury of thumbing through our favorite cookbooks, marking appealing recipes with sticky notes for dinners sometime off in the future when we will somehow have time to salt-cure a cod or dry-age a side of beef in our garage fridge. Sometimes, we just need to get dinner on the …

    The dark meat of a chicken, found in the drumsticks and thighs, is full of flavor and protein. And it’s tough to overcook it.