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New #CookClub recipe: Pumpkin French Toast Bake

If you're hosting a large group of people at your house this Thanksgiving, and especially if they will be there for longer than just the day, it's helpful to have a couple of go-to recipes that can feed a group. This Pumpkin French Toast Bake hits the mark.

  1. Influential Salt Rock chef Tom Pritchard dies after battle with Parkinson's


    ST. PETERSBURG — Chef Tom Pritchard, who lied his way into the food and service industry and rose to become one of the most inventive and influential chefs in Florida, died Wednesday morning at his home in St. Petersburg. He was 74.

    Pritchard poses on the dock behind the Salt Rock Grill. [Times (2009)]
  2. Indulge sugarplum dreams with the gift of Madeira-Marinated Dates


    All the parties and gatherings of the holiday season mean we often find ourselves in need of gifts. Sure, there are bottles of wine and pans of marshmallow-studded fudge, loaves of banana-walnut bread and numerous plates of festively mismatched holiday cookies. But this year, try something new to satisfy your …

    Madeira-Marinated Dates can be used as a deliciously sweet relish or an eat-from-the-jar treat.
  3. At Tampa's Harvest Hope Center, a family gets Thanksgiving gift



    At the community center, they tried to hand her a turkey. After consulting with her three young daughters, Elizabeth Reyes declined. The girls' consensus: "Mami, you don't know how to cook that thing."

    Columbia Restaurant chef Geraldo Bayona teaches Mexican immigrant Elizabeth Reyes how to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the Harvest Hope Center in Tampa.
  4. She lost her hands and feet to infection, but she's cooking, running and dancing again


    CHEVY CHASE, Md. — What Cheryl Douglass is thankful for this year: It won't take her a week to cook for Thanksgiving.

    Cheryl Douglass smells for a whiff of the garlic flavor while preparing scalloped potatoes for her family's Thanksgiving dinner at her home in Chevy Chase, Md. Douglass lost both her arms and legs to a blood infection 12 years ago. [Nikki Kahn | Washington Post]
  5. Five ideas for turning Thanksgiving leftovers into new meals


    For some people, Thanksgiving dinner is merely the preface to a week of hearty leftovers. In my house this year, we're buying a bigger turkey than we really need, specifically so we'll have extra meat on hand. I recommend you do the same, if only to work the leftover poultry into the recipes below. Here are five …

    Get your protein and veggies with Leftover Turkey Frittata.
  6. Thanksgiving food traditions from readers and writers of the 'Times'


    A couple of weeks ago, we asked readers and staff of the Tampa Bay Times to share their Thanksgiving food traditions. But not just the normal ones, like turkey and mashed potatoes. We wanted to know if there was a particular main dish, side dish or dessert that is a bit out of the norm. The responses and other …

  7. Consider this for a vegetarian Thanksgiving main dish: vegetarian harvest roast


    This year we decided to reverse engineer the vegetarian Thanksgiving.

    Vegetarian Harvest Roast
  8. Recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes: Green beans, sweet potatoes, biscuits and more


    The turkey generally gets fussed over the most on Thanksgiving, but sometimes the sides are more memorable than the ol' bird. Here are suggestions for ways to round out your feast on Thursday. Michelle Stark, Times food editor

    Roasted Brussels Sprouts.
  9. A Thanksgiving recipe for cranberry sauce, plus six ways to mix it up


    Canned cranberry sauce plopped onto a plate is a tradition on some Thanksgiving tables. But the jiggly maroon cylinder might disappear more quickly if you make your sauce from scratch, with whole cranberries and sugar. It's one of the easier sides to prepare on the big day, but it also can be made days in advance to …

    Traditional cranberry sauce lends itself to mix-ins, from shallot and cherry to grapefruit and apricot.
  10. Three stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving, from traditional to exotic


    The safest way to make stuffing is outside of the turkey cavity, on its own in a large, glass baking dish. The most delicious way to make stuffing? Well, that's up for continuous debate. We've chosen three recipes than run the gamut from traditional to Southern to Mediterranean-flavored.

    Michelle Stark, Times …

    Classic stuffing is a staple at the Thanksgiving table. But there are many ways to add some variety to the dish.