[Photo courtesy of Jackie Garvin]

#CookClub bonus: Triple Berry Upside Down Cake


  1. Explore South Florida's global love affair with mangoes



    Noris Ledesma is amused.

    The curator of tropical fruit at Fair­child Tropical Botanic Garden is explaining the difference between how people in her native Colombia eat mangoes and the meticulous way they are peeled and consumed in the United States.

    Noris Ledesma, curator of tropical fruit at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, talks to visitors at the 22nd annual International Mango Festival in July about the mangoes of her native Colombia. She stands amid a display of mango varieties from around the world.
  2. #CookClub bonus: Triple Berry Upside Down Cake


    When summer rolls around, Jackie Garvin, founder of the Syrup & Biscuits blog ( syrupandbiscuits.com), gets to thinking about berries. But here is the cool thing about her Triple Berry Upside Down Cake — you can use frozen berries so you're able to make it …

    [Photo courtesy of Jackie Garvin]
  3. Chef Wolfgang Puck brings home the bacon at HSN


    Wolfgang Puck loves rice pudding. It's what was for breakfast back home at Grandma's house in Austria, he says into the camera. • The rock star chef is double-dipping into the turquoise 3-cup portable rice cooker that he's hawking Friday morning on HSN. Coincidentally, that's the first color of six to sell out. …

    HSN host Robin Wall and Wolfgang Puck show off a chicken that was prepared in the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven, in back, Friday. Puck owns 22 upscale restaurants and 45 cafes worldwide.
  4. Books That Cook: the classics, Brazilian barbecue and breakfast



    TITLE: The American Cookbook — A Fresh Take on Classic Recipes by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr and Caroline Bretherton (DK Publishing, $25, 256 pages)

  5. Fight those brown-bagging blues with Quinoa Lunch Box Rollups


    With a new school year on the horizon, it's time to think about what's for lunch. Brown bagging it is plenty economical, but a steady diet of sandwiches becomes boring, to say nothing of the fact that all those servings of refined carbs simply don't provide the energy necessary to power you through a long afternoon.

    Quinoa lunch box rollups are light, yet still substantial enough to keep you going.
  6. Easy Weeknight Meals: Lemon Tortellini with Toasted Crumbs and more


    Mon | Meatless meal

    Lemon Tortellini With Toasted Crumbs (recipe below) makes great use of frozen filled pasta. Toasted bread crumbs and a lemon-butter sauce jazz it all up. Spinach and berry salad on the side, topped with toasted almonds and a fruity vinaigrette.

    Tues | Fancy …

  7. Broccoli Cheddar Breakfast Muffins a fine start to the day


    When fall rolls around and it's back to school and work, wouldn't you love to start your day with something tastier and more substantial than a bowl of cold cereal?

    This June 9, 2014 photo shows broccoli cheddar breakfast muffins in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) NHMM401
  8. Enjoy a chocolate bread pudding with cherries on top


    Walk into the produce section of any supermarket from June to August and bright red cherries greet you. On a recent visit, three people were discussing how sweet cherries were going to cure their arthritis and joint pains. Such was the announcement on a recent news program citing a poorly designed USDA research study …

    You can use sweet or tart cherries in Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding.
  9. A gracious cook gives lessons in making pies



    Jackie Garvin is moving the pie dough around like a pro. She rolls it calmly, quickly, assertively. When it sticks, she lets it know who's boss and peels back a corner to shuffle a bit more flour underneath. And then she continues, her grandmother's spirit embodied in her old rolling pin, which Garvin uses …

    Jackie Garvin glazes her Rustic Tomato Pie with half-and-half and then seasons it with salt and pepper. For her peach pie, she uses granulated sugar.
  10. Read and Feed: Enjoy 'The Goldfinch,' cocktail in hand


    BOOK: The Goldfinch is narrated by Theo Decker, a young man who retains an uncommon affection for his dead mother. ("She cast a charmed theatrical light," he says.) He recounts how, years earlier, when he was 13, the two of them ducked into the Metropolitan Museum of Art during a rainstorm, where they …