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Gentlemen’s Club Old Fashioned-Style Ale is flavored with oranges and

Drink of the week: Gentlemen's Club Old Fashioned-Style Ale beer

It had the makings of a slam-dunk beer release: a collaboration between Oregon's Widmer Brothers and our very own Cigar City. Three wood-aged variations of a classic cocktail-inspired strong ale, at the height of the classic cocktail craze. Conceptually interesting, with beautifully designed label art. Well-organiz …


  1. Bar review: The Beer Shed, a classic dive on the Alafia River

    Bars & Spirits

    One of the more interesting outings I made last year was to the Anclote River Boat Club in Tarpon Springs, an impossibly shabby riverside dive that has been a well-kept secret amongst locals for decades.

    On the banks of the Alafia River, the Beer Shed is an old-timey Florida dive right in our own back yard in Riverview.
  2. Drink of the week: Recipe for Valentine's Day Picnic Punch sangria

    Bars & Spirits

    If you're planning a romantic picnic this Valentine's Day, there is no better refreshment to bring along than this sweet, red sangria. A simple toss and stir of wine, spirits, fruit and seltzer in a pitcher yields a warm and delicious punch sure to get cheeks blushing. Enjoy during a picnic date — or with friends, …

    Valentine’s Day Picnic Punch sangria.
  3. Bar review: Dunedin's Wine and Brew cozies up to House of Beer

    Bars & Spirits

    If it didn't open at 7 p.m., you might think that Dunedin's Wine & Brew was a community coffee shop. It's small and cozy, decorated with the work of local artists, and it hosts a freestyle hip-hop night every week. Many of the bar orders are for tea and coffee, but the rest are mentioned right in the name of the …

    Dunedin Wine & Brew, adjacent to House of Beer, offers eight wines on tap.
  4. Beer forecast: cloudy with the taste of Julius and Northeast IPAS

    Bars & Spirits

    IPA trends are a funny thing. A decade ago, the most respected IPAs in the domestic beer scene were aggressive, no-holds-barred affairs, characterized by heavy bitterness with thick, earthy pine and resin flavors followed by a bone-dry finish.

  5. Bar Rescue: Tarpon Springs' Bridge Lounge gets the Taffer touch

    Bars & Spirits

    It should come as no surprise that I'm addicted to Bar Rescue, a reality TV show on Spike that features Jon Taffer, a veteran food and beverage industry consultant instantly recognizable for his loud on-screen tantrums and tough-love persona.

    The Bridge Lounge, a locals joint in Tarpon Springs, was visited by Jon Taffer for an episode of Bar Rescue.

Can you spy the famous Skipper's Smokehouse collectibles?

See if you can find the collectibles listed below behind the bar at the famous Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. Use your scroll wheel or double-click to zoom into the picture. Click and drag to move the picture around. Once you find a collectible, click to see a larger version.

Here's what you need to find:

Buddy Guy portrait  |  Signature Drink  |  An Ode to Hippies  |  Pachinko  |  Man v. Food Photo  |  Pyramid-shaped "Blues Trophy"  |  A gift from their gator meat supplier

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