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Ultimate Bar Guide

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  1. Was that first batch really better? It's likely you, not the beer, that's changed

    Bars & Spirits

    The last batch was way better!

    How many times have you heard this one? Whether at a bottle share, a brewery's special tapping, or just sitting around with friends with the latest seasonal reissue, you're bound to hear that inevitable lamentation: The last batch was better. Was it really? [File photo]
  2. Drink of the Week: With Florida lobster, serve Four Vines 2013 Naked Chardonnay

    Bars & Spirits

    You've scored some fresh Florida lobsters — or, better yet, just caught them yourself. Before you fire up the grill (the best way to cook them), consider what wine would make them taste even better.

    Drink of the Week: With Florida lobster, serve Four Vines 2013 Naked Chardonnay
  3. Bar review: Wine at the Docks in Tarpon Springs

    Bars & Spirits

    At the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, there are as many storefronts selling mass-produced trinkets — and, of course, sponges — as there are authentic Greek restaurants. It's easy to mistake a place like Wine at the Docks for just another gift shop along Dodecanese Boulevard.

    Julie Speckman of New Port Richey, left, talks with Ginny Shepherd of North Carolina and Owen Hooper of Tampa at Wine at the Docks in Tarpon Springs.
  4. tbt* pix of the Tampa party scene at Blue Martini

    Bars & Spirits

    This week's party scene comes to us straight up from the Blue Martini at International Plaza's Bay Street in Tampa.

    Katherine Pulgar celebrates the theme with any icy blue refreshment at Blue Martini, located at International Plaza's Bay Street. [By Luis Santana/tbt*]

  5. Repeal 18 mounts a successful campaign

    Bars & Spirits

    By now, we've seen plenty of the Prohibition-era cocktail theme. I often wonder if there is anyone out there who can add to the conversation. After visiting Westchase's Repeal 18, I think there is, in a slightly different way than I imagined.

    Liz Edwards makes a cool one for customers at Repeal 18, located in West Park Village Town Center in Westchase.

Can you spy the famous Skipper's Smokehouse collectibles?

See if you can find the collectibles listed below behind the bar at the famous Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. Use your scroll wheel or double-click to zoom into the picture. Click and drag to move the picture around. Once you find a collectible, click to see a larger version.

Here's what you need to find:

Buddy Guy portrait  |  Signature Drink  |  An Ode to Hippies  |  Pachinko  |  Man v. Food Photo  |  Pyramid-shaped "Blues Trophy"  |  A gift from their gator meat supplier

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