Craft beer of the week: Tangerine Hefeweizen, Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill

Tangerine Hefeweizen from Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill. Photo by Franz Rothschadl.
Tangerine Hefeweizen from Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill. Photo by Franz Rothschadl.
Published August 30 2018
Updated August 30 2018

While it rarely enjoys the hype of the areaís younger breweries, Palm Harborís Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill has been quietly serving up excellent European-style beers for nearly 10 years, crafted by Austrian brewmaster Franz Rothschadl.

The first beer it released, in 2009, was Fischerís Hefeweizen, an authentic take on the Bavarian classic. That beer has served as a base for spinoffs, including Lagerhausí popular seasonal release Tangerine Hefeweizen, brewed with Florida tangerines. Served as a small, quarter-liter taster to a hefty full-liter stein, Tangerine Hefeweizen is hazy and golden, with a creamy white froth on top. The tangerine plays nicely with the fruity yeast ester aromas, mellowing out banana notes with crisp citrus. The beer is mildly sweet, balanced with faint clove spice. Itís both light and rich, and very satisfying ó a colorful, summer-friendly twist on a classic Lagerhaus brew. If youíre a fan of tangerines or German wheat beers, this one is a no-brainer.

Youíll find it on draft exclusively at Lagerhausí Palm Harbor taproom, and itís worth the trip. While youíre there, try some of Rothschadlís other brews, like the truly world-class Royal Bohemian Pilsner, or the strangely compelling Underbrau, a riff on the popular Underberg digestif. ó Justin Grant

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