Local craft beer of the week: Pulp Friction Grapefruit IPA, Motorworks Brewing

Photo by Justin Grant/special to tbt*
Photo by Justin Grant/special to tbt*

If you've been following the recent beers of the week, you'll notice a trend: refreshing, seasonally appropriate brews that feature a prominent degree of fruitiness. This is no accident — beers like these are so much more well-suited to a summer release than the heavier, more substantial brews found during cooler weather.

Bradenton's Motorworks Brewing recently gave its flagship IPA the summer treatment, adding distilled grapefruit oils produced in Central Florida to create its new Pulp Friction IPA. While this beer is relatively new in terms of widespread distribution (look for it on the shelves of your beer store), it's already gained a bit of street cred, taking home a gold medal in the fruit beer category at the 2017 Best Florida Beer Championship.

Pulp Friction boasts an intense grapefruit nose, supported by a juicy layer of citrus over its American IPA base. Where other grapefruit IPAs on the market tend to run sweeter and more candylike, Pulp Friction is full of sharp, fresh grapefruit zest — a clean and focused addition that complements the base beer perfectly. The finish is excellently crisp and just a little bitter.

Most important, the use of citrus oils over whole fruit does away with any additional bitter pithiness, allowing the hop profile to shine through clearly. While grapefruit is up front and center, Pulp Friction is still very much an IPA at heart.

Look for Pulp Friction on tap throughout the bay area and in six-packs at your local beer store. You can also visit Motorwork's Bradenton taproom and enjoy its sprawling outdoor courtyard while sipping a Pulp Friction in the shade.

— Justin Grant

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