Taste test

  1. Taste test: salsa, Part 2

    Taste Test

    In this, the second installment of salsa ratings — there were just too many (16) to do in one tasting — judges had the same dilemma they had last week: Finding one that really wowed them. From last week's eight, judges chose Green Mountain Gringo, Mission, and Pace, although none were huge favorites. The …

  2. Hangover cures abound on the marketplace, but do any really work?

    Taste Test

    Boston Beer Company's Jim Koch recently claimed that, by eating brewer's yeast before drinking, you could avoid getting drunk, even after consuming several drinks. His claims have since proven unlikely to work — if we drink too much, we'll get drunk, and the result likely will be a nasty hangover.

  3. Taste test: salsa

    Taste Test

    In our continuing celebration of 10 years of taste testing, we re-sample another of the column's original food items: salsa. Back then, we sampled seven brands from local grocery stores. This time around, there were so many varieties to choose from, we split the tasting into two sessions, with eight brands this week and …