Taste test

  1. Taste Test: Microwave Popcorn

    Taste Test

    Microwave popcorn is a dieter's dream. It's also a great, quick snack for an impromptu gathering, a teen sleepover and any other party requiring a warm, tasty treat in seconds. And, as long as co-workers can handle the lingering aroma, it's a great afternoon pick-me-up in the office. But what brand to pick? A third of …

    Big red bowl of popcorn isolated on white; iStockphoto.com
  2. Taste Test: oatmeal raisin cookies

    Taste Test

    Tasting cookies is always tricky — not because of taste —but because of texture. Some panelists prefer soft cookies and others want some snap to their biscuits. That said, our judges have been pretty consistent with their favorite brands. Ten years ago, they picked Archway cookies among their top three …

  3. Taste test: green tea

    Taste Test

    Ten years ago, when the Taster's Choice column was launched, we compared the flavors of green tea after brewing and seeping tea bags of each brand. Today, green tea is so popular that several manufacturers sell bottles and jugs of the brews, ready to drink. In fact, we found nine bottled, canned or otherwise pre-made …