Taste test

  1. Taste test: animal crackers

    Taste Test

    Animal crackers — often in their own little box — were a real treat when I was growing up. When I brought some recently as part of the pregame snack for my daughter's softball team, one of the parents described the crackers as "retro." It's possible my own children have missed out on the fun of trying to …

  2. Taste test: blueberry pancake mixes

    Taste Test

    Blueberry pancakes make any breakfast seem special. Our tasters prefer to add their own berries, but when they don't have a chance to get fresh fruit, a boxed mix will do the trick. We sampled seven brands of blueberry pancake mix and prepared them according to package directions. All seven were cooked on a stovetop …

  3. Taste test: New cookies

    Taste Test

    It's always a nice surprise to see what new filling Nabisco has come up with for its Oreo cookies. We've seen mint, birthday cake and cookie dough — in case the cookie itself wasn't enough. Some are big hits, but we've tasted plenty of Oreo misses as well. This week, our judges sampled four brands of cookies new …