Thursday, December 14, 2017
Taste Test

Taste test: Canned pumpkin

Two years ago, farmers were warning of a shortage of canned pumpkin. Those of us charged with preparing Thanksgiving meals rushed to stores to scoop up the offerings. The shortage, caused by too much rain falling on U.S. pumpkin patches, never really materialized, although the scare was enough to leave some grocery shelves bare. This year, we decided to stock up early and had no problem finding plenty of pureed pumpkin. We bought 12 brands of pure pumpkin and asked our judges to weigh in on how they looked and tasted. All were canned with the exception of one brand sold in a small carton. Admittedly, tasting pumpkin without brown sugar or other baked-in flavors was no cakewalk. But judges were intrigued by the varied colors, textures and tastes of the brands.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent

Taste test: prepared mashed sweet potatoes

Taste test: prepared mashed sweet potatoes

If you want to spend more time with your family and friends this holiday season and less time in the kitchen, our judges suggest serving Hormel’s mashed sweet potatoes. No need to wash, peel and heat potatoes. Just pop the container in the microwave ...
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