Sunday, October 21, 2018
Taste Test

Taste test: ballpark peanuts

For a time when my children were growing up, I thought I would spend purgatory sitting on a ballpark bleacher. Now, I cherish those days of watching my son and daughter play baseball and softball. I also have enjoyed my share of shelled peanuts. Nothing gets a parent through a ninth inning, two-out tie like a bag of salty peanuts. The baseball passion continues in our family by watching the Tampa Bay Rays. And as Rays fans know, it can sometimes take a lot of peanut-shelling to get through those nail biters. With Father’s Day approaching, our judges have similar memories of attending games with their dads. So we shelled our way through five brands of roasted, salted peanuts to pick the best ones for any bases-loaded, extra-inning game or weekend barbecue.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent

Taste test: Pumpkin spice cereal

Taste test: Pumpkin spice cereal

Our panelists spent a lot of time this season sampling pumpkin spice-flavored foods.
Published: 10/15/18
Taste test: New jarred pasta sauces

Taste test: New jarred pasta sauces

When one family member eats only chicken, you learn to cook a lot of poultry recipes. Lately, one of my go-to dinners has been chicken marsala. When I saw that Prego had recently rolled out a jar of marsala sauce, I was delighted. No more chopping mu...
Updated one month ago

One of my new go-to side dishes is Italian rice or risotto. I usually buy boxed mixes for quick fixings and add herbs, mushrooms, green vegetables or other flavorings to jazz it up a bit. The rice in risotto seems a little more al dente than traditio...
Published: 09/26/18
Updated: 10/08/18