Taste test: citrus-flavored sparkling water

Published April 16 2018

Many years ago, I took a trip to Rome and learned enough Italian to find directions and order dinner from menus. I learned very quickly that if I didnít make it clear, I would get sparkling water rather than still water at every restaurant. My husband loves sparkling water, but I think itís bitter. Our panelists were ambivalent about the choice, until they sampled 13 brands of sparkling water from local grocery stores. To make the tasting more palatable for our still water fans, we tried citrus-flavored waters. Overall, most brands werenít appetizing enough to sway any of our tasters. But a few were pretty refreshing. All the options had no calories, fats, fiber, sugars, sodium, carbohydrates or protein.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent

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