Friday, January 19, 2018
Taste Test

Taste test: frozen macaroni and cheese

When we realize we are running out of evenings to finish our holiday shopping, wrapping or cooking, we often turn to a quick dinner to save time. Frozen macaroni and cheese is a family comfort food that's easy to prepare and satisfying for a hungry brood. This week we found 10 different varieties of frozen macaroni and cheese at local grocery stores. All were baked in the oven except when the directions recommended microwave cooking. Our judges were quick to stash a few in their freezers for busy nights. One brand will even help us stay on our holiday fitness plans.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent

Taste test: pot stickers

Taste test: pot stickers

Whenever I order meals at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant I always look for pot stickers on the menu. The tasty Asian dumplings are filled with pork or chicken and veggies and cooked with a perfect balance of steaming and frying. The reason I order ...
Published: 01/16/18

Taste test: Our favorite foods from the past six months

The following is a list of the foods our judges liked the best from our tastings the past six months. Some background on this column: We began publishing the list in 2004 after readers asked for a short list to carry with them on shopping runs. Our p...
Published: 01/08/18

Taste test: New foods from Welch’s, Dannon and Tazo

With every new year comes a promise from our panelists to eat better and try to cut calories. This week we sampled some newer foods on the market in hopes of finding a few treats that won’t break our resolutions. After this tasting, our judges resolv...
Updated one month ago
Taste test: salmon

Taste test: salmon

Whether preparing a postholiday brunch or a New Year’s Eve cocktail party, a platter of thinly sliced salmon is a versatile offering. Our panelists visited the deli and seafood departments of a number of grocery stores, stocking up on the salmon clas...
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