Sunday, November 19, 2017
Taste Test

Taste test: new snack bars


Grocery store aisles are full of the newest snack bars aimed at curbing our hunger pangs between meals. The Taster's Choice judges know cereal bar choices are hard to navigate with all of their promises of more fiber and protein and less fat. So, we are starting out the year with a review of four of the latest options.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent

Serving sizeOne barTwo bars (one package)One barOne bar
Fat/Fiber3.5g / 5g7g / 3g3g / 0g8g / 7g
Sugars/Sodium7g / 95mg15g / 120mg8g / 100mg9g / 200mg
Carbs/Protein20g / 2g29g / 3g18g / 0g18g / 10g

Taste test: prepared mashed sweet potatoes

Taste test: prepared mashed sweet potatoes

If you want to spend more time with your family and friends this holiday season and less time in the kitchen, our judges suggest serving Hormelís mashed sweet potatoes. No need to wash, peel and heat potatoes. Just pop the container in the microwave ...
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Taste test: Turkey gravy

Taste test: Turkey gravy

Years ago, our tasters sampled ready-made mashed potatoes along with prepared gravy from cans, jars or packets. From that day on, our judges have been buying heat-and-serve mashed potatoes, but making their own gravy. This week, we found four brands ...
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Help name Big Stormís new toffee chocolate stout, made with William Dean

Help name Big Stormís new toffee chocolate stout, made with William Dean

Collaborations between brewers are not new. Nor are collaborations between brewers and distillers. Or beer brewers and coffee brewers. It makes sense: Use a barrel for one thing, then it in turn imparts interesting flavors to the next thing thatís ag...
Published: 11/09/17
Taste test: Crispy onions

Taste test: Crispy onions

Crispy onions sprinkled atop the traditional green bean casserole is a sure bet for most of us this Thanksgiving. But our judges like the texture of the onion straws on a variety of foods ó from salads to burgers to baked potatoes. When my mom used t...
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Taste test: New foods from Toblerone, Nature Valley, Godiva and more

As soon as the calendar hits November, many of us move into holiday mode. Our panelists wanted to take a step back this week and enjoy some new foods before they begin the harried season of entertaining, traveling and shopping. When they do invite fr...
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Taste test: pepper jack cheese

Even though autumn sometimes misses Florida altogether, this time of year sends our panelists searching for comfort foods. They also like to spice things up a bit while they sip pumpkin-flavored coffees and apple ciders. One thing that definitely add...
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