Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Taste Test

Taste test: new snack products from Cheez-It, Ritz and more

Making school lunches is a chore for me. Not because I don't like preparing a nice meal for my children, but because they are picky eaters and I'm always running out of ideas for new snacks or treats. If lunch is boring, they won't eat it. So I spend a lot of time checking supermarket aisles for new crackers or chips for lunch box fare. Some combinations are hits — like the new offering from Ritz with its added spices. But some are big misses. Our judges found some of each in this week's tasting of some of the newest options from popular snackmakers.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent


Taste test: Cream cheese

Cream cheeses come in many flavors, but our judges were most interested in texture when they began to compare 10 different brands. We tried the cheese spreads alone and with bagels to test spreadability. Our sample included only plain cream cheeses a...
Published: 03/19/18

Taste test: grocery store meal kits

This week, our panel tasted a variety of "meal kits" from local grocery stores. These are prepared meals from various stores that require only heating or minor food preparation. Mail delivery meal kits are all the rage right now, so it makes sense th...
Published: 03/13/18
Taste test:

Taste test:

Our tasters started out wanting to taste one of the offerings from Oprah’s new O, That’s Good! line of foods. But we couldn’t resist a few other new foods we also found on grocery store shelves. In the end, judges were pretty impressed with Oprah’s c...
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Taste test: canned peeled tomatoes

Taste test: canned peeled tomatoes

On a recent cold night, my son asked for a bowl of tomato soup. I was preparing to run to the grocery store for a can or carton of soup to heat up when I realized I had 17 cans of whole tomatoes on the counter, ready for my tasting panel to sample. I...
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