Thursday, March 22, 2018
Taste Test

Taste test: puff pastry

After watching a French baker spend an entire night layering paper-thin dough with butter, I knew I likely would never make puff pastry from scratch. But I do love a good baked Brie en croute, a sweet palmier or a flaky and savory appetizer. Thankfully, even the best cooks I know have zero guilt about using store-bought puff pastry sheets in times of need. And they come in especially handy when you're prepping for a large (or small) gathering at your house. For years, local grocery stores carried just one brand of frozen pastry sheets. But recently, we found four options in the freezers and refrigerators at our neighborhood grocers. We baked slices of each pastry sheet in the oven, according to package directions.

Kathy Saunders, Times correspondent


Taste test: Cream cheese

Cream cheeses come in many flavors, but our judges were most interested in texture when they began to compare 10 different brands. We tried the cheese spreads alone and with bagels to test spreadability. Our sample included only plain cream cheeses a...
Published: 03/19/18

Taste test: grocery store meal kits

This week, our panel tasted a variety of "meal kits" from local grocery stores. These are prepared meals from various stores that require only heating or minor food preparation. Mail delivery meal kits are all the rage right now, so it makes sense th...
Published: 03/13/18
Taste test:

Taste test:

Our tasters started out wanting to taste one of the offerings from Oprahís new O, Thatís Good! line of foods. But we couldnít resist a few other new foods we also found on grocery store shelves. In the end, judges were pretty impressed with Oprahís c...
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