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Happy Fourth of July

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For Fourth of July, an American feast inspired by founding father Alexander Hamilton

For Fourth of July, an American feast inspired by founding father Alexander Hamilton

Are there a million things you haven't done? Is one of them throwing a patriotic party inspired by one of the founding fathers? This Fourth of July, trade in those cliched burgers and hot do …


  1. Restaurant review: Grace in Pass-a-Grille is a beachy Florida charmer with ambitious big-city food

    Food & Dining


    Sometimes we luck out. Someone who has had remarkable professional success elsewhere in the country says, "You know what, I'm tired of [Cleveland's winters, say] and I want to dig my feet in the Florida sand." They move, they retire. And then they can't stay retired.

    Salt and sugar-cured heirloom tomatoes  get a splash of orange blossom water and a sprinkling of fried pistachios, bringing them into new territory.
  2. Holy guacamole: Taco Bus announces four new Tampa Bay locations

    Food & Dining

    It was the first Tampa Bay food truck to be known nationally.

    Customers stand in the lunch line at Taco Bus at 2324 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg Friday, November 22, 2013. LARA CERRI  |   Times 

  3. Restaurant review: The Restorative in Dunedin is doing its own thing, exceptionally well

    Food & Dining


    The white bowl cradled at its bottom a passel of little house-made tortellini tucked in among a perfect brunoise of summer vegetables (tomato, zucchini, yellow squash), bits of fresh herbs and a few swirls of sauteed spinach ($10). A server brought over a small white pitcher and poured over it a …

    Jason Borajkiewicz and Erin “Cricket”  Plunkett have opened the Restorative in Dunedin.
  4. Restaurant review: GrillSmith's reimagined menu and refined look give it a more modern vibe

    Food & Dining

    CARROLLWOOD — At its acme, GrillSmith had six outposts, now only four: Clearwater (the first location in 2004), Lakeland, New Tampa and Carrollwood. With a tagline "craft by fire," it has held its own among grill-centric contemporary American restaurants like Stonewood Grill, FlameStone Grill and bigger guns …

    The bar area inside of Grillsmith located on 14303 N Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa on Thursday, July 27, 2017.
  5. Restaurant review: Food and beer pair nicely at the Eatery at Brew Bus Terminal and Brewery

    Food & Dining

    TAMPA - Tampa Bay's craft beer scene is perennially in flux. New breweries open, others close or get scooped up by bigger breweries, some reinvent themselves so they can sell beer off site, and still others build on kitchens and add food to give enthusiasts another reason to sit tight.

    Pimento cheese with zucchini pickles, lavash and Jamison B. Breadhouse Bakes crostini is on the menu.
  6. These UF scientists are on a mission to make the perfect tomato



    There is the sound of roll-down windows thwapping closed after the tomato wedges are passed through in tiny plastic cups. All goes silent as a group of 10 tasters contemplate. Do they like this one? Is it sweet? Salty? Sour? Bitter? Or that magical unicorn of tastes: umami?

    A pair of tomatoes hang off one of the approximately 100 plants growing in one of the University of Florida's Klee Lab's greenhouses in Gainesville, Fla., on Thursday, Jul 13, 2017. Researchers developed this strain of tomato by sequencing the tomato genome and selecting DNA that would result in desirable tastes and smells.  For about fifteen years, researchers at the University of Florida's Klee Lab have worked on understanding the chemical and genetic markers that determine the taste of tomatoes. Through genetic sequencing, biochemical analysis and panels of taste testing, Klee scientists have developed different kinds of tomato that attempt to manifest "perfect" taste. ANDRES LEIVA   |   Special to the Times
  7. For National Ice Cream Day, we tested four low-calorie options

    Taste Test

    Low-calorie ice cream is everywhere by the dainty pintful right now, because manufacturers of frozen treats are here for us. They know that to survive summer, we need a cold and refreshing bowl of dark chocolate and peanut butter without feeling like a sea cow in the morning.

    Halo Top peanut butter ice cream
  8. National Ice Cream Day is Sunday. Here are Tampa Bay's top ice cubes and ice creams

    Food & Dining

    CREAM IN ICE FORM: National Ice Cream Day

    Shaped like a giant vanilla ice cream cone, Twistee Treat at St. Pete Beach has a soft-serve machine to which they can add 66 different flavors.
  9. Only 118 calories! 3 Daughters debuts light craft beer


    ST. PETERSBURG — There's craft beer (interesting, delicious, caloric) and then there's mass-market light beer (watery, disappointing, yet only 100 calories). Never the twain shall meet, right?

    That's changing.

    3 Daughters Brewing, St. Petersburg,  is launching its Floating Dock Light IPA, center,  a 118-calorie IPA that is probably the first light craft beer in the state. It is the lightest in color of the beers offered at 3 Daughters and pictured at the brewery, Monday. The beers from left are "Rod Bender Red Ale", "# the Pilsner", "Floating Dock Light IPA", "Beach Blonde Ale" and the "Stern Line Stout." (CHERIE DIEZ   |   Times)
  10. Restaurant review: Don Rigatoni in Tampa offers quick, affordable pastas and sauces perfect for takeout

    Food & Dining

    TAMPA - It makes a ton of sense, now that carb-phobia has abated and there are legitimately decent gluten-free pasta options available: a place with 20 types of pastas, a dozen sauces, all mix-and-match to suit your tastes, plus add-ons from meatballs to grilled shrimp and all of it available to go in sturdy plastic …

    Rigatoni alla napoletana with meatballs is another option. The food is ideal for takeout, served in sturdy plastic containers.