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2014 Tampa Bay Ultimate Local Music Guide


Welcome to tbt*'s 2014 Ultimate Local Music Guide!

There is much to love about this year's Ultimate Local Music Guide (you really do need to pick up a hard copy for the full interactive experience), butall the highlights are here. So take a tour of this page to hear music from 2014 top local bands, watch performances and read the stories!

Record Store Day tips, exclusives and parties

A sk Manny Kool about the hype and hope surrounding Saturday's Record Store Day — a glorious all-day bonanza for geeked-out vinyl and music fans — and the smooth-pated, normally …


Three bands, one man: Interview with Singer-songwriter Mark Etherington

By his own admission, Mark Etherington is no blues guitarist. So it's surprising to hear how influential he considers Jack White. "From Jack White, really, I learned how to play chords, and …


  1. Tampa Bay Local Music Quiz: Which music venue is perfect for you?

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  2. Nate Najar aiming for personal statements on classical guitar albums

    Music & Concerts

    Colorful chords and rhythms paint the walls in the shades of retro Brazil as you listen to guitarist Nate Najar's latest album.

    Nate Najar poses for a portrait at the Studio@620 in St. Pete.
  3. Jesse Thelonious Vance leads experimental arts venue the Venture Compound into a new era

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    Jesse Thelonious Vance creates.

    Appeal isn't a secondary or even a 101st concern as the noise artist and Pangaea Project president turns to his instruments of choice — synthesizers, saxophones, keyboards, typewriters, bullhorns and whatever else he can dream up — to express the sounds in his mind.

    Luis Santana/tbt*
  4. The Real Clash: The newest, funkiest faces in Tampa Bay hip hop

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    "Clash" is sort of a misnomer when considering St. Petersburg's eight-member funk/hip hop ensemble The Real Clash. If anything, it's a harmonious gathering of local music prodigies creating a groove-heavy yet still insightful listening experience.

    Members of The Real Clash strikes a wild pose at the Jannus Live in St. Pete. Luis Santana/tbt*
  5. Sonic Graffiti: Raucous rock that's off the wall

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    Sonic Graffiti was born of necessity.

    Singer-guitarist Drew Giordano's previous band, the Black Roses, had a gig booked at Crowbar in Ybor City in January 2013, but the band fell apart between then and showtime. He quickly recruited his twin brother Dane on bass, and friend Trevor Mustoe on drums.

    The members of Sonic Graffiti pose at their home — dubbed the Pizza House — in St. Petersburg’s Roser Park neighborhood. Luis Santana/tbt*
  6. Summer concert preview: Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Zac Brown Band, Nine Inch Nails, more coming to Tampa

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    The best of the best

    These 30 concerts are great, but which ones made tbt* entertainment editor Jay Cridlin's top 10? Scan this page with your Layar app to find out. Need help? See Page 26.

    98 Rockfest

    MAY 1: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.