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  1. San Carlos Tavern

    Seminole Heights : 6416 N Florida Ave, Tampa, 33604

  2. Velo Champ Bicycle Shop

    Seminole Heights : 6112 N Central Ave., Tampa, 33603

  3. Stained Market Place

    Seminole Heights : 6119 North Florida Ave., Tampa, 33604

  4. Tampa Bay E.N.T.

    Seminole Heights : 5105 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa, 33603

  5. Built

    Seminole Heights : 4501 N Florida Ave, Tampa, 33603

  6. Lowry Park Zoo

    Editor's pick

    Seminole Heights : 1101 W Sligh Ave., Tampa, 33604

    Located north of downtown Tampa, this 56-acre, natural habitat zoological park has African animals, Florida wildlife, manatee center, primates, Asian animals, free-flight aviary, Stingray Bay and an Australian-themed children's zoo. The zoo in recent years has added more theme park-like rides,  …

  7. Tempus Projects

    Seminole Heights : 4636 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603

    Tempus Projects is a new Seminole Heights project space dedicated to bringing a variety of artists to the neighborhood, and serving as a conduit in the art community.

  8. Florida Community of Mindfulness

    Seminole Heights : 6501 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, 33604

  9. Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

    Seminole Heights : 4101 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603

    The Cold Storage team purchased some old Busch Gardens brewing equipment on a whim after the park's brewhouse closed in 2010.

  10. Kirk Ke Wang Art Space

    Seminole Heights : 5120 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603

  11. Epoxy

    Seminole Heights : 1202 East Henry Ave, Tampa, 33604

  12. Seminole Heights Community Garden

    Seminole Heights : 407 West Violet St., Tampa, 33603

  13. Seminole Heights United Methodist Church

    Seminole Heights : 6111 N Central Ave, Tampa, 33604

  14. Seminole Elementary School

    Seminole Heights : 6201 Central Avenue , Tampa, 33604

  15. Computers Mentor Group Inc.

    Seminole Heights : 5201 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, 33603

  16. The Refinery

    Editor's pick

    Seminole Heights : 5137 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603

    The Refinery is certainly Seminole Heights' most exciting culinary development since the opening of Ella's Americana Folk Art Café. Committed to sourcing local, seasonal and sustainable, they've got a weekly changing one-page menu of dishes that explore pretty much untrammeled ground in t …

  17. Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe

    Editor's pick

    Seminole Heights : 5119 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 33603

    Ella's has been embraced by Seminole Heights scenesters, everyone charmed by its collection of American outsider and visionary art (each artist's work getting a thoughtful page of explication on the menu). But what makes Ella's delightful is the bright, clean flavors of dishes with an eye to hea …

  18. The Independent - Seminole Heights

    Seminole Heights : 5016 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603

  19. Mermaid Tavern

    Editor's pick

    Seminole Heights : 6719 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 33604

    If there's one neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area that struck it rich last year, it's Seminole Heights. On the heels of cult faves like Ella's and the Refinery, Domani Bistro Lounge opened, the Capdevilla family (La Teresita) launched Sabroso and Mermaid Tavern became a go-to neighborhood water …

  20. Willow Street Studios

    Seminole Heights : 6714 N Willow Ave., Tampa, 33604

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