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  1. Bluelucy Ybor City

    Ybor City : 1600 E Eighth Ave., Tampa, 33605

  2. Columbia Restaurant

    Editor's pick

    Ybor City : 2117 E Seventh Ave., Tampa, 33605

    The granddaddy of them all, Columbia Restaurant bears the distinction of being the oldest restaurant in Florida as well as the nation's largest Spanish/Cuban restaurant, with 13 rooms extending one full city block. Some of these waiters have been here a lifetime, there are stirring flamenco show …

  3. Singing Stone

    Ybor City : 1903 N 19th St., Tampa, 33605

  4. Wandering Eye Art Gallery

    Ybor City : 1600 E Eighth Ave., Tampa, 33605

  5. The Box Theatre

    Ybor City : 1925 Second Ave., Tampa, 33605

  6. Ybor City Jazz House

    Ybor City : 1611 E Seventh Ave., Tampa, 33605

  7. Bunker

    Ybor City : 1907 N 19th St, Tampa, 33605

    Coffeehouse? Wine bar? Music venue? All three, actually. This well-appointed gathering spot is the perfect place to recharge while out and about on the streets of Ybor. The vibe is similar to that giant, corporate mega-coffee chain, but with a lot more street cred. It also features a songwriter' …

  8. Ybor Live

    Ybor City : 1910 E 7th Ave, Tampa, 33605

  9. Olori Temple

    Ybor City : 1215 E 20th Ave., Tampa, 33605

  10. The 1930 Grande Room

    Ybor City : 1930 E Seventh Ave., Tampa, 33605

  11. Carmine's Seventh Avenue

    Ybor City : 1802 E Seventh Ave., Tampa, 33605

    Established nearly a century before the big renaissance of its Ybor City environs, Carmine's blends Italian and Cuban favorites in a spacious and characteristic brick building. A huge front window gives a great view of passersby.

  12. Cristino's Coal Oven Pizza (Ybor City)

    Ybor City : 1701 E Eighth Ave., Tampa, 33605

    Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon.-Thur., 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Fri.-Sat., 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun.

  13. HCC Ybor Building

    Ybor City : 2001 N 14th St, Tampa, 33605

  14. Beaune's Wine Bar

    Ybor City : 2009 N 22nd St., Tampa, 33605

    Beaune's Wine Bar is a classy yet comfy lounge, perfect for a first date or an intimate night with friends. Beaune's (pronounced "bones," after the city in Burgundy) wine shop has been a go-to place for local oenophiles, and the wine bar gives wine lovers a place to linger in the eveni …

  15. Centro Ybor 20

    Ybor City : 1600 E Eighth Ave., Tampa, 33605

    Muvico Centro Ybor has 20 screens, with one 3D. There's all stadium seating. Foodwise, the snack bar offers substantial options like popcorn shrimp, buffalo wings and sliders. And on Tuesdays, adult tickets are $6 all day.This can be a classy place for a date. For starters, there are fresh flowe …

  16. Tequilas

    Ybor City : 1613 E Seventh Ave., Tampa, 33605

  17. Gateway District of Ybor

    Ybor City : Intersection of Seventh Avenue and Nuccio Parkway, Tampa, 33605

  18. HCC Ybor Campus Main Stage Theater

    Ybor City : 2204 N 15th Street, Tampa, 33605

  19. Joffrey's Coffee

    Ybor City : 1600 E Eighth Ave., Tampa, 33605

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