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  1. 7venth Sun Brewing Co.

    Dunedin : 1012 Broadway, Dunedin, 34698

    Hours: 2 p.m.-midnight Tues.-Thurs., noon-midnight Fri.-Sat., noon-10 p.m. Sun.

  2. JJ's Prime Time Time Lounge

    Dunedin : 1397 Main St., Dunedin, 34698

  3. Bauser's Full Liquor Bar

    Dunedin : 520 Douglas Ave., Dunedin, 34698

  4. 7th Sun Brewing

    Dunedin : 1012 Broadway, Dunedin, 34698

    Devon Kreps and Justin Stange met at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta and decided to go into business together and break into the craft brew scene.Hours: 5 p.m.-midnight Wed.-Thur., 12 p.m.-midnight Fri.-Sat., 12 p.m.-10 p.m. Sun.

  5. Skip's Bar & Grill

    Dunedin : 371 Main St. , Dunedin, 34698

    Definitely the place to be for soaking in the laid-back vibe of Dunedin's downtown. This is one of those hangouts where the patio is the main attraction, relegating the bar to second place. The small outdoor area looks out on Main Street, with a few picnic benches and palms.

  6. Casa Tina's Pan Y Vino Wine Bar

    Dunedin : 369 Main St., Dunedin, 34698

    This little tapas and wine bar was born when Casa Tina moved to larger digs. Owned by the same folks though, it offers more than two dozen wines by the glass, tapas and small plates that use local or organic ingredients, plus desserts and coffees. It recently added a brick over for organic pizzas.

  7. Dunedin House of Beer

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 927 Broadway, Dunedin, 34698

    While everyone else is fawning over the homebrews at Dunedin Brewery, serious hopheads are sampling the 40 or so draft beers a couple of blocks away, at the more laid back (but equally inviting) Dunedin House of Beer. Small and friendly, with a patio in the parking lot out back, it's got enough  …

  8. Flanagan's Irish Pub

    Dunedin : 465 Main St., Dunedin, 34698

    Flanagan's hits a perfect 10 on all the charts that make a good Irish pub. The best food, soccer on always, top-notch brew and an authentic feel from the crests of the seven Celtic Nations to the Irish dance memorabilia on the wall. Flanagan's limited alcohol selection makes it impossible to riv …

  9. Cafe Alfresco

    Dunedin : 344 Main St, Dunedin, 34698

    A semi-swanky place to eat Mediterranean-style and drink American-style, Alfresco features a bar by the entrance that gives way to a stainless steel, open-air kitchen. There's just something funny about having two taps and two completely different beers. Alfresco serves up Paulaner Oktoberfest a …

  10. Cricketers Dunedin

    Dunedin : 2634 Bayshore Blvd., Dunedin, 34698

    If a single helping of fish and chips isn't enough, try Cricketers' all-you-can-eat deals every Monday and Tuesday night. The Dunedin bar and grill also serves colcannon (a mixture of potatoes and cabbage), Scotch eggs (hardboiled eggs wrapped in seasoned ground pork) and mushy peas (no explanat …

  11. Blur

    Dunedin : 325 Main St., Dunedin, 34697

    Blur's crew gives us style with assuredness. They know how to lay it on and how to hold back. It's spacious, clean, accommodating. Nothing is over the top. Sheer draperies and glass dividers accent the rear interior bar and DJ booth - and they set off an adorable privacy area by the parquet danc …

  12. The Living Room

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 487 Main St, Dunedin, 34698

    Sarah Johnson wants people to hang out in the Living Room, and Dunedin residents have responded favorably. The affordable small-plate menu has been embraced for its novelty and vegetarian friendliness. A plate of snappy haricots verts is perfectly paired with almonds and shallots in a classic br …

  13. Chic-A-Boom Room

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 319 Main St, Dunedin, 34698

    This fun, beloved Dunedin party joint sits at the center of the complex known as Kelly's For Just About Anything, which is a pretty accurate description. The Chic-a-Boom Room is eclectic drinking at its best, with a menu of two dozen colorful "Martoonis," from the Barry White (Stoli Ra …

  14. Pinehurst Pub

    Dunedin : 1422 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin, 34698

  15. Dunedin Brewery

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 937 Douglas Ave., Dunedin, 34698

    The Scottish regalia is fitting, since the stone-walled Dunedin Brewery looks a bit like a highlander's castle. Equally breathtaking are the ginormous brewing vats inside, which are known for producing nine phenomenal, award-winning beers like the Redhed Red Ale, as well as a swimming selection  …

  16. Rosie's Tavern

    Dunedin : 730 Broadway, Dunedin, 34698

  17. Eddie's Bar and Grill

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 1283 N Bayshore Blvd. , Dunedin, 34698

    This is going to sound weird, but just hear us out: Eddie's is the best bar for kids in Tampa Bay. What we mean is, it's got an incredible assortment of games, from Skee-Ball to race-car games to toy pickups to pool and darts. The menu and outdoor patio are quite pleasant, too, and there's usual …

  18. Sea Sea Riders Restaurant

    Dunedin : 221 Main St., Dunedin, 34698

  19. Kelly's for Just About Anything

    Editor's pick

    Dunedin : 319 Main St., Dunedin, 34698

    The day's fun could start with Butterfinger muffins or French toast with chocolate and Cognac, drift through lunch of banana pancakes or Hell-burgers and head into dinner of duck breast, Emeril's escolar and house-smoked pork chops. Virgel Kelly and pals always add an extra smile and a kick, lik …