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      1. Hilltop Saloon

        Brooksville / East Hernando : 504 N Broad St., Brooksville, 34601

      2. Captain's Corner

        Brooksville / East Hernando : 1691 E Jefferson St., Brooksville, 34601

      3. R Place at the Crossroads

        Brooksville / East Hernando : 25 W Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Brooksville, 34601

      4. Sail Inn

        Brooksville / East Hernando : 6107 Broad Street, Brooksville, 34601

        This is a road house in the truest sense of the term, a clapboard building three miles south of downtown Brooksville on what was formerly the main north-south highway in western Florida, U.S. 41. It has been open since 1970, and boasted a jukebox packed with country music classics even when 45 r …

      5. Miss Kitty's Hilltop Lounge

        Brooksville / East Hernando : 504 N Broad St., Brooksville, 34601

        This classic small-town honky-tonk can trace its origins back to 1952, when it was opened as the Hilltop Lounge and Restaurant, according to local historian Bob Martinez (no, not THAT one). It offers pool tables, the largest dance floor of any bar in Brooksville and a stage that has hosted, alon …