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    1. San Carlos Tavern

      Seminole Heights : 6416 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33604

    2. Mermaid Tavern

      Editor's pick

      Seminole Heights : 6719 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 33604

      If there's one neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area that struck it rich last year, it's Seminole Heights. On the heels of cult faves like Ella's and the Refinery, Domani Bistro Lounge opened, the Capdevilla family (La Teresita) launched Sabroso and Mermaid Tavern became a go-to neighborhood water …

    3. Corner Club

      Seminole Heights : 1502 E Sligh Ave., Tampa, 33610

      Don't be daunted by the exterior. The industrial gray-painted and brick building looks like something out of a post-Apocalyptic Western. Inside, it's a cozier and friendlier world, full of down-to-earth regulars who range from guys in punk bands to plumbers and real estate brokers. Get drunk on  …

    4. Blondie's

      Seminole Heights : 1735 W Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, 33603

      Neighborhood bar that's great for low-key karaoke fun. Think of it as a Tiny Tap with people singing on a stage and not just into their beers.

    5. VIP Lounge

      Seminole Heights : 6905 N Armenia Ave., Tampa, 33604

      Country-flavored neighborhood dive since the late 1950s.

    6. The Independent - Seminole Heights

      Seminole Heights : 5016 N Florida Ave., Tampa, 33603