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  1. The Great Spedini

    Westchase : 9648 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, 33626

  2. Catch Twenty Three

    Westchase : 10103 Montague St, Tampa, 33626

    Read a review here.

  3. Fresh Bites

    Westchase : 116655 Countryway Blvd., Tampa, 33626

    It's a modest space with ambitious aims. Adhering to many of the nutrition ideas of Orlando-based Maximized Living (an organization that advocates a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle regimen), it's straight-up traditional Lebanese food made from organic produce, grass-fed beef and lamb from Niman …

  4. Little Greek (Westchase)

    Westchase : 12117 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

  5. Surf Shack Coastal Kitchen

    Westchase : 12217 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

    Asian cuisine fuses with tacos with a surfer vibe at this Westchase restaurant.

  6. Sam's Pizza

    Westchase : 12715 Race Track Road, Tampa, 33626

  7. Hungry Greek

    Westchase : 12950 Race Track Road # 114, Tampa, 33626

  8. Mc Divot's Wings & Raw Bar

    Westchase : 10706 Countryway Blvd., Tampa, 33626

  9. Marina Pizza

    Westchase : 12121 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

  10. Kang's Garden

    Westchase : 12221 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

  11. San's Pizzeria

    Westchase : 13048 Race Track Road, Tampa, 33626

  12. Pizza Quattro

    Westchase : 11203 Sheldon Road, Tampa, 33626

  13. Outback Steakhouse

    Westchase : 11950 Sheldon Road, Tampa, 33626

    Specializing in steaks of all kinds, Outback Steakhouse delivers a family friendly steakhouse atmosphere with an Australian theme.

  14. Zerillos Italian Grill

    Westchase : 11653 Countryway Blvd., Tampa, 33626

  15. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers

    Westchase : 11955 Sheldon Road, Tampa, 33626

    The scoop: Across the South, Mellow Mushroom is a college-town mecca due to its tasty pies, heroic craft brew selection and grooved-out, Peter Max-meets-H.R. Pufnstuf aesthetics. The pie: Cheese is scant, but the 35 toppings — including tempeh, tofu, pesto, portobellos and jerk chicken — are …

  16. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

    Westchase : 9556 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

  17. Tijuana Flats

    Westchase : 9520 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

  18. Stone Chase

    Westchase : 12227 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

    There are big TVs over the long bar and a late-night flatbread and burgers menu. But it's more than a straightforward neighborhood bar: The dining room is stylish, the service staff snappy and with it. But the real proof of greater culinary aims is stuff like this: they make their own mozzarella …

  19. Zen Bistro Grill & Sushi Bar

    Westchase : 9620 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, 33626

    Owner Hoang Le was the chef at Water in South Tampa for 2 1/2 years until leaving in 2006 to open his own place. It's just slightly reminiscent of that Asian-inflected bastion of hip: backlit in moody red, a wall of bamboo provides visual interest. Beneath customers' feet, glassed in sand-and-st …

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