Tide Pod Brownies? Datz in Tampa is making that

The biggest meme of 2018 so far has arrived in Tampa.
Datz was selling brownies that looked like Tide Pods on Thursday. Datz via Facebook
Datz was selling brownies that looked like Tide Pods on Thursday.Datz via Facebook
Published January 25
Updated January 25

Comfort food specialists Datz know how to ride a viral food wave (see:doughnut ice cream cones).

The South Tampa restaurant is now among eateries around the country getting in on one of the strangest internet jokes ever by baking and selling Tide Pod brownies.

The brownies, baked to look to look like Tide's squishy little blue and orange laundry detergent pods, went on sale at the restaurant Thursday for $6 a pop. If there's demand, they'll keep making them, the restaurant said.

Eating Tide Pods has become the biggest meme of 2018 so far, after momentum built behind the joke that the soap pods looked strangely alluring, candy-like and delicious.

But things took a strange turn when some teenagers started eating the pods for real, prompting a commitment from YouTube to remove any pod-eating videos, and a warning from the American Association of Poison Control Centers warning consumers not to eat the pods.

Just to repeat that: do not eat Tide Pods.

Restaurants got in on the joke, posting photos of pizzas, cookies and other food items made to resemble the pods that are a safe way to fulfill a bizarre craving.