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Bill Nelson

Clarence William Nelson

    Bill Nelson is a Democratic U.S. senator elected in 2000. He is serving his third term.

    Nelson has spent most of his life in politics, serving three terms in the Florida House, six terms in the U.S. House and six years as insurance commissioner. He served in the U.S. Army and as an astronaut on a space shuttle flight.

    Nelson was born in Miami on Sept. 29, 1942. He graduated from Melbourne High School and attended the University of Florida. He received a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Virginia. He and his wife, Grace Cavert, have two children.

    1. Florida congressional delegation urges Obama to outline Syria plan in speech tonight


      WASHINGTON — Florida lawmakers say they support increased military action against Islamic militants but want President Barack Obama tonight to clearly lay out a plan to deal with the complex and potentially explosive step of moving into Syria.

    2. How close did Bill Nelson come to running for governor?


      The end of qualifying week in Florida officially closes out any chance Sen. Bill Nelson would run for governor. He never said he would but he always left wiggle room and people around him were exploring the possibility in more than a casual way.

    3. Sen. Bill Nelson has a lot at stake without being on ballot


      WASHINGTON — Three-term U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson isn't on the ballot in November but the stakes are higher than his cakewalk 2012 re-election campaign: If Republicans take Senate control — a distinct possibility — Nelson will be denied a chance to chair the Commerce Committee.

      U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says he does not intend to run for governor.
    4. Why Bill Nelson isn'€™t running for governor


      There are many reasons that U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson isn’t running for governor of Florida: he just won a safe U.S. Senate seat, it actually won’t be an easy race against new Democrat Charlie Crist, …

    5. Getting ready for the rising water


      Here's what the world's rising seas will mean for Florida. Florida Atlantic's Keren Bolter

      Bill Nelson's pro-life


      What he wrote in this morning's Times:

    6. Nelson joins Democratic all-nighter on climate change, calls Florida 'ground zero'


      Sen. Bill Nelson this evening joined other Democrats in what will be an all-night discussion on the Senate floor about climate change. "You know what is threatened the most in the continental United States? The Miami area," Nelson said, adding he will take members of the Commerce Committee to the area for a field …

    7. CONNECT problems not a fluke with DEO


      TALLAHASSEE — Thousands of Floridians await jobless benefits of up to $275 a week that they need to survive and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson calls the state's claims system "a mess."

    8. Thousands of Florida's unemployed with delayed claims to get relief


      State officials announced Saturday they will pay thousands of unemployed Florida workers who have had benefits delayed more than seven days because of technical glitches with a new government website.