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John Ellis Bush

    John Ellis "Jeb" Bush is a Republican and the 43rd governor of Florida. He is also founder of the Foundation for Florida’s Future.

    Elected in 1998, he served two terms.  Before entering politics, Bush held jobs in consulting, investing, lobbying and served as a partner or on the boards of several businesses. He was also chairman of the Dade County Republican Party.

    Bush was born in Midland, Texas, on Feb. 11, 1953, as the second of six children of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973. He and his wife, Columba Gallo Bush, have three children.

    1. More on Jeb Bush's income: His firm made him rich and built a nest egg for his family

      State Roundup

      WASHINGTON — Shortly after Jeb Bush left the Florida governor's office in 2007, he established his own firm, Jeb Bush & Associates, designed to maximize his earning potential as one of the country's more prominent politicians.

      Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released 33 years of income tax returns this week. Those returns revealed that the business he formed after leaving office not only made him rich but also provided a steady income for his wife and one of his sons. [Associated Press]

    2. Jeb Bush used little-known tax strategy to build retirement


      The Wall Street Journal:

      In the tax returns he released Tuesday, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush reported large deductions for payments to “pension and profit-sharing plans.” The payments averaged $350,000 a year for the past five years, far more than most people could contribute to an …

    3. George Pataki wants Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to stand up to Donald Trump


      George Pataki sends a letter to fellow Republican candidates for president, asking them to stand up to Donald Trump's "unacceptable" comments about Mexicans. Most candidates have avoided saying anything.

    4. Bush and Rubio in middle of 'muddled' pack in Iowa


      A new Q poll from Iowa shows Scott Walker ahead but ... Donald Trump in second, reflecting an unsettled field in a still early presidential nominating process.

    5. By the numbers: Jeb Bush's tax returns


      Jeb Bush released an astounding 33 years of tax returns on Tuesday.

      By the numbers:

      36%: Total effective tax rate

      33: Total number of years released

    6. Jeb Bush's income soared after he left office, 33 years of tax returns show

      State Roundup

      The Bush family mantra has been consistent for generations: First make a lot of money, then focus on public service.

      Jeb Bush's income jumped from $261,000 in 2006, his final year as Florida governor, to more than $2.2 million in 2007. Then, from 2010 through 2013, tax returns released Tuesday show his annual income exploded from $3.2 million to nearly $7.4 million. (He got an extension until Oct. 15 to file his 2014 return.)" [MONICA HERNDON | Times]
    7. Jeb Bush, now and then, on same-sex marriage


      In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage, Jeb Bush talked of judicial restraint and appointing the right people to the bench.

    8. Jeb Bush calls Confederate flag a 'racist' symbol


      Campaigning in South Carolina today, Jeb Bush offered his strongest remarks on the Confederate flag, calling it a "racist" symbol.

    9. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio criticized in TV ad about climate change, Pope Francis


      Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are featured in a TV ad criticizing Republicans for not heeding Pope Francis’ “urgent moral call” on climate change.

    10. Jeb Bush meets with 60 clergy in Charleston


      From the Post and Courier in Charleston: