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John Ellis Bush

    John Ellis "Jeb" Bush is a Republican and the 43rd governor of Florida. He is also founder of the Foundation for Florida’s Future.

    Elected in 1998, he served two terms.  Before entering politics, Bush held jobs in consulting, investing, lobbying and served as a partner or on the boards of several businesses. He was also chairman of the Dade County Republican Party.

    Bush was born in Midland, Texas, on Feb. 11, 1953, as the second of six children of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973. He and his wife, Columba Gallo Bush, have three children.

    1. Jeb Bush's immigration plan: 'Find where they are and politely ask them to leave'


      It happened Friday but in a sign of the modern opposition research machine, Jeb Bush's comments on immigration became a thing this afternoon.

    2. At InnoVida, the CEO hired Jeb Bush and went to prison

      State Roundup

      Jeb Bush was out of the Florida governor's mansion for less than a year when he signed a $15,000-a-month consulting deal with InnoVida, a Miami startup promising to revolutionize affordable housing with remarkably sturdy and lightweight building panels.

      Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush became a consultant, and later a board member, for Miami company InnoVida. Its executives would later be convicted of fraud. In 2013, Bush agreed to pay back more than half the $470,000 in fees he collected. Bush is shown speaking Friday at an automobile dealers convention in California.
    3. Marco Rubio not backing down on 2016 race

      State Roundup

      WASHINGTON — It's Marco Rubio's version of the Tom Petty anthem I Won't Back Down.

      Sen. Marco Rubio stands on the floor of the House Chamber before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address at the Capitol on Tuesday. In between media appearances around his book, Rubio has been scooping up campaign cash.
    4. Jeb Bush to give first speech as would-be presidential candidate


      Jeb Bush is moving into the more public phase of his presidential exploration, with a first "Right to Rise" speech in Detroit next month.

    5. Marco Rubio not slowing down as 2016 decision nears


      With Jeb Bush (and now Mitt Romney) eating up the headlines, it’s easy to overlook how Marco Rubio has been pushing forward toward a possible presidential run.

    6. George and Jeb Bush: as distinct and alike as brothers can be


      WASHINGTON — One day last fall, former President George W. Bush called Mel Sembler, a Republican donor from St. Petersburg who had served as his ambassador to Italy. Sembler had just had a pacemaker implanted into his chest, and his wife had also recently had surgery. Bush wanted to check on how they were …

      President George W. Bush, left, is introduced by his then-Gov. Jeb Bush at an “Ask President Bush’’ campaign rally, at the Okaloosa-Walton Community College gym in Niceville. 
    7. The audacity of Jeb Bush: A governor goes all in on the Terri Schiavo case

      State Roundup

      Tricia Rivas had never written to an elected official, but gripped with emotion, she composed an urgent email to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. "Please save Terri Schiavo!" she wrote from her home in Tucson, Ariz., on March 20, 2005. "Do something before it is too late … please! Every parent is watching this drama unfold …

      Danielle Harris, of Pinellas Park, Fla., leans against a large photo of Terri Schiavo and her mother, Mary Schindler, during a vigil outside the Woodside Hospice Villas on Oct. 15, 2003, in Pinellas Park. (AP)
    8. Mitt Romney making Florida push, setting up clash with Jeb Bush

      State Roundup

      WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney, who only days ago signaled he would explore running for president after repeatedly insisting he would not, is making a strong push that includes reaching out to fundraisers in Florida this week.

      Then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, left, shakes hands with former Gov. Jeb Bush as U.S. Senate candidate Connie Mack IV watches at a 2012 event in Tampa.
    9. Mitt Romney may run but faces a different Florida


      Is Mitt Romney for real?

      We’ll see.

      But the would-be third time presidential candidate won’t be able to count on the cash depot that is Florida. Major Republican fundraisers/donors are locked in with Jeb Bush and were caught by surprise that Romney is reversing himself ("Oh, no, no, no. No, no, …

      Mitt Romey, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush
    10. Rand Paul trash talks 'moderate' Jeb Bush


      Sen. Rand Paul trash talks Jeb Bush in an interview with Breitbart News.