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John Ellis Bush

    John Ellis "Jeb" Bush is a Republican and the 43rd governor of Florida. He is also founder of the Foundation for Florida’s Future.

    Elected in 1998, he served two terms.  Before entering politics, Bush held jobs in consulting, investing, lobbying and served as a partner or on the boards of several businesses. He was also chairman of the Dade County Republican Party.

    Bush was born in Midland, Texas, on Feb. 11, 1953, as the second of six children of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973. He and his wife, Columba Gallo Bush, have three children.

    1. How Marco Rubio's big Miami announcement could make him look like a hypocrite and Jeb Bush like a principled conservative


      As we reported the other day, Marco Rubio and his advisers are looking at announcing his candidacy for president on April 13 at Miami's Freedom Tower, which for years served as …

    2. Martin O'Malley: Presidency 'not some crown' to be passed to Clinton or Bush


      Former Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a probable 2016 presidential candidate, made news on Sunday for taking a shot at Hillary Clinton and, by extension, Jeb Bush.

    3. Jeb Bush wants small dollar donations, too


      Jeb Bush will be in California this coming week for another round of big-time fundraising, beginning with a $25,000 per couple event Monday in Newport Beach.

      A fundraising appeal from Jeb Bush's Right to Rise PAC.
    4. Bill Clinton 'preoccupied' with winning Florida — and worried about Jeb and Marco


      A nugget from a New York Times piece about how Hillary Clinton's advisers are planning and hoping to use Bill Clinton in the campaign:

    5. PolitiFact Florida: Checking Jeb Bush's claim about Florida's achievement gap


      In his first foray into New Hampshire as a potential Republican presidential contender, former Gov. Jeb Bush talked up Florida’s record on education during his tenure.

    6. Meet Scott Walker, Jeb's biggest threat, who is quietly making inroads in Fla


      Scott Walker will likely be on the front page of Florida's biggest newspaper Sunday. From our profiile:

    7. Meet Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the conservative threat to Jeb Bush (w/video)

      State Roundup

      CONCORD, N.H. — Once dubbed America's most divisive governor, Wisconsin's Scott Walker may be the biggest threat to the presidential ambitions of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

      Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 47, presents a fresh face in what could be a crowded field.
    8. Jeb Bush: 'Stay the course' on Gitmo


      Jeb Bush just wrapped up an interview with a Fox News radio host and said the U.S. should not close the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.

    9. When Jeb Bush helped launch a covert mission to rescue Ethiopian Jews from starvation


      Jeb Bush this week has worked to assert his pro-Israel credentials after criticism from the right surfaced over comments James Baker, an adviser to Bush’s presidential campaign in waiting, made about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    10. Jeb Bush returns to Washington fundraising well

      State Roundup

      WASHINGTON — "I'm not an expert on the ways of Washington," Jeb Bush told conservatives last month when he was asked about a funding dispute in Congress.

      Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., Feb. 27, 2015. [New York Times]