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Marco Antonio Rubio

    Marco Rubio is a Republican U.S. senator elected in 2010 to represent Florida. He defeated Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, an independent candidate, and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, a Democratic candidate, in an unusual three-way Senate race. Rubio previously served in the Florida House of Representatives, including two years as House Speaker.

    Marco Rubio was born in Miami on May 28, 1971, his parents both Cuban exiles. He graduated from the University of Florida and the University of Miami Law School. He and his wife, Jeanette Dousdebes-Rubio, live in West Miami with their four children.

    1. PolitiFact Florida: Alan Grayson lacks evidence for accusation about Patrick Murphy's father and All Aboard Florida


      U.S. Senate candidate Alan Grayson dismissed a New York Times story about his hedge fund as "full of s---" in a sit-down with CBS4’s Jim Defede, a reaction so wrong his own campaign

      Where will Marco Rubio stand on Trans-Pacific Partnership?


      UPDATE from Rubio's office: "A vote on the TPP agreement has yet to be scheduled, and is unlikely any time soon. Senator Rubio is going to take his time in further reviewing this report, the details of the deal itself, and will continue to listen to the people of Florida as well as other interested …

    2. Fresh off his Twitter rant, Marco Rubio talks life after the U.S. Senate in radio interview


      The only rumor Marco Rubio wishes were true about his professional life after the U.S. Senate is that he'll go work for his beloved Miami Dolphins.

      Marco Rubio seems to have had enough of speculation that he is in the mix to be Donald Trump's running mate.
    3. Marco Rubio knocks NBC News story for focusing on politics


      Marco Rubio has gotten recent media attention for his post-presidential moves, which include a heavy focus on Florida. Still, Rubio wasn't happy with the way NBC News treated his visit to Jacksonville.

    4. Check out Bill Nelson's GOP support


      Easily overlooked in the latest Quinnipiac University Florida polls are fascinating numbers that underscore the political might of U.S.. Sen. Bill Nelson. Forty-seven percent of Florida voters approve of Nelson's handling of his job, which is nothing to brag about but also not especially poor in today's …

    5. Marco Rubio: Differences with Trump remain but I won't be taking shots at him


      “My policy differences and reservations about Donald’s campaign are well-established. I’ve said them often. And I stand by those. Those remain. I hope they’ll be addressed, but those remain. That said, I don’t view myself as a guy who is going to sit here for the next six months taking …

    6. Florida Insider Poll: And the strongest Veep pick from Florida is...


      ....None of the above. Followed by Marco Rubio.

    7. Ted Cruz team blames Marco Rubio for failure to stop Donald Trump


      CNN's Jack Tapper reports that top advisers to Ted Cruz are convinced Donald Trump could have been stopped if Rubio had agreed to be Cruz's running mate, and blame Rubio for not jumping aboard. Unnamed Cruz campaign officials say the campaigned polled North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, and Arizona to test …

    8. Donald Trump on Marco Rubio: 'I certainly would consider him'


      Donald Trump said he would consider Marco Rubio as his running mate. But Trump was being pushed by Bill O’Reilly, who made a flat joke the ticket would be called "Big Don and Little Marco."

    9. Rubio, Nelson say Zika death shows Congress must act on funding


      Sen. Marco Rubio says the Zika death in Puerto Rico is a “wake-up” call for Congress and reiterated support for $1.9 billion in funding that some Republicans have resisted.