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Rick Scott

Richard Lynn Scott

    Rick Scott is a Republican elected governor of Florida in 2010. He defeated Democrat Alex Sink, the state's chief financial officer, in the closest governor's race since 1876. He also spent $73 million of his own money to introduce himself to Floridians, having no political experience and barely met residency requirements.

    Rick Scott is the former CEO of Columbia/HCA and also started Solantic. Scott was born Dec. 1, 1952, in Bloomington, Ill. He served in the Navy and graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Southern Methodist University Law School. He and his wife, Frances Annette, have two adult daughters.


    1. Bousquet: Gov. Rick Scott's tax attack on Charlie Crist skirts truth


      As they prepare for the first of three TV debates, Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist are fine-tuning their talking points for viewers who are just starting to pay attention to the biggest race for governor in the country.

    2. Are Rick Scott's letters to Floridians part of his re-election campaign or part of his job?

      State Roundup

      The delay in getting his classroom-supply debit card was expected, but what gave chemistry teacher Shawn Beightol a case of the eye-rolls was what he called the "inappropriate political message" attached to the bank statement that arrived in the mail.

      The governor's office denied Rick Scott is campaigning on the state dime because cheering on citizens is part of the governor's job. [Getty Images]
    3. Adam C. Smith column: The case for Charlie Crist

      State Roundup

      Why should you vote for Charlie Crist to serve another term as Florida governor? First and foremost, because he's not Rick Scott.

      [ CAMERON COTTRILL | Times ]
    4. Adam C. Smith column: The case for Rick Scott

      State Roundup

      Why should you vote for Rick Scott to serve a second term as Florida governor? First and foremost, because he's not Charlie Crist.

      [ CAMERON COTTRILL | Times ]
    5. Warning about suspicious prison deaths passed to office in question

      State Roundup

      Gov. Rick Scott's chief troubleshooter was warned by letter nearly two years ago about the possible coverup of two suspicious prison deaths but did nothing other than forward the letter to the very people accused of hiding the deaths, documents obtained by the Miami Herald show.

    6. Newly named to lead FSU, Thrasher's next goal is reconciliation

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — State Sen. John Thrasher says he knows he faces a tough job winning over Florida State University students and faculty that opposed him becoming the school's next president.

      Sen. John Thrasher was selected as FSU president Tuesday.
    7. Survey: Scott has narrow lead on Crist, but voters dislike both

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE —The race for governor of Florida looks as close as ever with a new statewide survey showing voters are evenly divided on the contest and many people question the integrity of both candidates.

    8. Bousquet column: It's all about turnout in Florida governor's race

      State Roundup

      When Republican Rick Scott ran for governor in 2010, he carried 52 of Florida's 67 counties, yet he barely beat Democrat Alex Sink.

      How could that happen?

    9. With $50 million in TV ad spending, Rick Scott-Charlie Crist race is one big marketing campaign

      State Roundup

      Another week. Another $10.4 million thrown in the fire we call television advertising.

      Republican Gov. Rick Scott, left, and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, right.
    10. Complaint against Gov. Rick Scott over on-duty police at Tampa event gets dismissed

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — A state elections panel has tossed out a highly publicized complaint filed against Florida Gov. Rick Scott over the presence of on-duty police at a July campaign event in Tampa.