William W. Weatherford

    Will Weatherford is the 84th speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, a Republican first elected in 2006 representing parts of Pasco and Hillsborough counties. He is the youngest speaker in recent Florida history. Weatherford wasn’t on the ballot in 2006 but was elected because the GOP nominated him to replace Ken Littlefield, who was appointed to the Public Service Commission.

    Weatherford was born Nov. 14, 1979, in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Jacksonville University and worked as a real estate broker and aide to House Speaker Allan Bense before getting elected. He is married to Bense's daughter, Courtney, and they live in Wesley Chapel with three daughters.

    1. Is Weatherford's pension overhaul resurrected?


      On Easter Sunday, the House State Affairs Committee filed a bill that combines HB 7173, which already passed the Appropriations Committee 16-10 and awaited a floor vote, and HB 7179, which hadn’t passed or been assigned a committee.

    2. Pension reform has good day for Weatherford, but is it a last gasp?


      The Senate’s Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee approved SB 1114 by a 7-2 vote. Hours later, the …

    3. Latvala no longer a lock to back compromise on Weatherford's pension reform


      While this should have been good news for Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, who has made overhauling the state’s retirement system one of his top priorities, his prospects of passing the bill actually dimmed.

    4. Weatherford's 'official' daily schedule -- wait, what day is this?


      House Speaker Will Weatherford apparently was checking to see if anyone was paying attention to his official daily schedule, this being April 1, after all.

    5. House Dems urged to support the budget -- or else


      Just two days ago, Rep. Dennis Baxley said he was fighting for Democracy in sponsoring a bill that would give the Cabinet, not state parks administrators, the

    6. Slide show: Late Gov. Reubin Askew's body arrives at the historic Old Capitol


      Late Gov. Reubin Askew's body will lie in state at the historic Old Capitol until 6 p.m. today. His hearse arrived around 9:30 a.m. A solemn ceremony kicked off the memorial services, which stretch over three days.

      Members of a military honor guard carry late Gov. Reubin Askew's hearse up the steps into the historic Old Capitol.
    7. Weatherford proposes more spending on education


      The biggest headline is that Weatherford’s proposed $10.8 billion in pre-K-12 education is $165 million more than what Gov. Rick Scott’s proposing in his proposed budget and $335 million more than this year. In higher education, Weatherford is hoping to spend $3.6 billion, or about $500 …

    8. Evers predicts snow in Miami before Weatherford passes pension reform




      “A lot of folks say it’s going to take billions of dollars,” Evers said. “It may. But we as a Legislature made the decision not to make full contributions in past years. And now it’s time we step up to the plate.”

    9. Gov. Rick Scott, Florida lawmakers want more control over tuition increases


      Florida State University and University of Florida are the state's pre-eminent universities, and there are new hints that there may be attempts again to get tuition flexibility built into this special status. Here is an excerpt from a story about the true ramifications of the tuition proposals being considered during …