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Top 100 Places to Work in Tampa Bay

Want to know what makes a great company? Almost 35,000 local employees told us the secrets. Meet some of the workers and the three winners. They are all a part of the Tampa Bay's Top 100 Workplaces.

Bob Fisher, Grow Financial’s president and CEO, poses in front of the company headquarters. He insists on a deep corporate loyalty to employees. He refused to consider layoffs or pay cuts during the recession.

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union sows the seeds for happy workers

TAMPA Grow Financial Federal Credit Union couldn't avoid the Great Recession. Members struggled to keep up with mortgage payments; new loans dropped as regulatory requirements tightened; expansion plans were shelved. At least one thing was left virtually unscathed through the downturn: Grow's employees. There were  …


  1. Five ways in 2016 these 100 top Tampa Bay companies wow the workplace

    Working Life

    What nuggets of wisdom are hiding in the year's Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces report, a metrowide ranking of 100 top workplaces? This is the Times' seventh annual look at what some companies, big and small, are doing better than others in this area to instill in their employees a real sense of mission and …

    Top Golf associates gather together with morale building wristbands and pose for a team photo.  Top Golf International is listed as one of the top Tampa area workplaces, pictured is the Brandon, FL location.  [Saturday, February 27, 2016] [Photo Luis Santana | Times]
  2. T-Mobile tops large company ranking for workplace, pushes envelope on work, benefits, fun

    Working Life

    To say T-Mobile's batting 2 for 2 this year is an understatement.

    Larry Grimsley, financial care coach, shows his T-Mobile pride at an event at the Tampa Call Center.
  3. Top-ranked workplace among small firms, KnowBe4 blends cyber savvy, hard work and fun

    Working Life


    Phishing. Ransomware. CEO fraud. ¶ These are the cybersecurity scams awash in the world start-up company KnowBe4 was created to defend against. Its business — providing security awareness training to banks, businesses and organizations — is booming as hacker attacks continue to …

    At the start of each workday at 9 a.m. sharp, KnowBe4 employees gather around bright orange floor cushions in an area of the office called the "town hall" to discuss goals of the day and encourage a "team attitude." Courtesy of KnowBe4
  4. DITEK and Leader Tech are manufacturing top workplaces

    Working Life

    Florida may not be known for its manufacturing industry, but two companies in the Tampa Bay area are making a mark with clients, due in part to their employees. Both companies make electronic components used in a wide variety of products.

    Bob McIntyre, Ditek’s chief executive officer and founder, points to a map at the company’s offices in Largo showing the home countries of his employees. His manufacturing company employs about 100 people.
  5. Care matters most at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Gulfside Hospice and Pasco Palliative Care

    Working Life


    Working in an environment where terminal or degenerative diseases are commonplace is not an easy task, but employees at two such Tampa-area facilities — Gulfside Hospice and Pasco Palliative Care in Land O'Lakes and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa — maintain professionalism while …

    “Our job is to make sure we foster a culture that is a safe haven, that is celebratory and is supportive,” says Linda Ward, CEO of Gulfside Hospice and Pasco Palliative Care.   Photo by Les Neuhaus.
  6. What the 2016 Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces list tells us about why employees stay

    Working Life

    A stronger economy is good news for workers, offering more employment options. But business leaders are likely to face some daunting HR challenges in 2016 if they haven't already.

Dynamics CEO
  7. Alluring enticements bolster hotels' reputations as top workplaces

    Working Life


    Ever dream of working in the hospitality industry in Florida? It's not always what it's cracked up to be in advertisements, but for those working in a few select hotels, it can be fun and rewarding, according to this year's annual employee workplace survey.

    The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
  8. Bay Area Legal Services offers meaningful work that keeps employees challenged

    Working Life


    When Bay Area Legal Services chief Richard C. Woltmann talks about the skills he looks for in new employees, he points to one that he believes sets applicants apart:

    A high "emotional IQ."

    Richard C. Woltmann, right, head of Bay Area Legal Services, which provides free legal assistance to the poor, meets with his leadership team at the group’s Ybor City headquarters. “It’s rare that (people) leave because the work is so important,” Woltmann says.
  9. St. Cecelia: A school where teachers send their own kids

    Working Life


    Tucked away in the back of the gymnasium, Marreen Majer's office is covered with pictures of her students. ¶ There are photos of cheerleading squads she's coached, her former student's newborn child and countless more from weddings and yearbooks and confirmation ceremonies, reminders of nearly a …

    St. Cecelia Interparochial School students practice a cheerleading routine.
  10. Bristol-Myers Squibb's Tampa office becoming model of culture, innovation for company

    Working Life

    Bristol-Myers Squibb's office here is just a sliver of the global pharmaceutical behemoth, but it's not so different from the company as a whole. ¶ The staff of about 450 in Tampa — expected to approach 600 by the end of the year — work in research and development, IT, human resources and finance, among …

    Approachability and cross-department communication is key to success, says Lee Evans, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s executive director for the fast growing North American Capability Center in Tampa. This is the drug company’s first time on the Times Top 100 list. .
  11. Benefit management company Healthesystems promotes transparency, innovation

    Working Life


    Along the hallways at Healthesystems, teams announce their goals on posters and publish metrics that show whether they are meeting them.

    James Chung, right, a business support analyst, and Michael Zerby, a software engineer, are two of 325 local Healthesystems employees.
  12. Landscaping firm Natural Designs goes extra mile for employes, customers

    Working Life


    As a boy growing up on New York's Long Island, Phil Petresky used to push a lawn mower around his Levittown home.

    Jeffrey Beach sharpens a lawn mower blade at Natural Designs Landscaping in Lutz.  Beach says that during the peak mowing season he will sharpen 120 blades a day.
  13. Top Golf in Brandon is all about having fun

    Working Life

    Jennifer Johnson didn't know what to expect when she walked into an interview at a recruiting event for Topgolf International in November 2014. She did not think she'd spend part of her afternoon dancing to hip hop. "I remember sweating my butt off," said Johnson, 38, who added she spent the better part of the …

    Topgolf associates — sporting morale-boosting wristbands — gather for a team photo recently at the company’s facility in Brandon.
  14. Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel tops large companies for Top Workplaces


    WESLEY CHAPEL — From the ground up, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is patient-centric. Its accommodating layout and calming atmosphere — in the form of colored walls, wood doors and natural influences — create a sense of relaxation amid the stress of treatment, said CEO Denyse Bales-Chubb. But for its …

  15. Robbins Property Associates makes Top Workplaces for third year in a row


    TAMPA – After Robbins Property Associates bought it in 2013, Clearwater's MacArthur Park Apartments metamorphosed from a run-down complex into one boasting "million dollar upgrades'' including an Internet cafe, Bark Park and state-of-the-art fitness center. It also got a new name: Madison Place, courtesy of a …

    Property manager Marionette Sexton and maintenance supervisor Juan Carlos Carvajal in Sexton’s office at Cooper’s Pond.
  1. Times Top 100 Workplaces: The special awards


    The special awards

    In creating a top workplace, it helps to be outstanding in one area. The companies on this page scored highest in particular categories critical to keeping employees happy.




    1,090 employees

  2. Retaining top employees: Tampa Bay's top workplaces get it done


    We started the Top Workplaces section five years ago during the turmoil left by the worst recession in decades.

  3. There are 2014 Top Workplace companies, and then there are winners five years running


    Big or small, any company must be pretty special to qualify as a "Top Workplace" on the 2014 Tampa Bay Times annual survey. So imagine the strength of culture, discipline and sense of mission a business must share with its employees to make the list every year.

    Executives of Clearwater’s USAmeriBank, including CEO Joe Chillura and Alfred Rogers Jr., let loose at a mock ’80s rock concert.
  4. Tampa Bay's top workplaces: by the numbers


    Top 100 workplaces: By the numbers


  5. At a Top Workplace, employees are truly engaged


    "So it's all about the perks, right?" I get this question all the time. Espresso machines, pingpong tables, massage chairs, beer. Surely these perks make the difference between a Top Workplace and an average workplace.

    Doug Claffey
  6. How the Top Workplaces survey was done


    Here's how the survey was done

    WorkplaceDynamics, project partner with the Tampa Bay Times, invited 1,055 companies to participate in an examination of the best places to work and then surveyed the 176 that accepted. The surveyed companies employ 56,121 people in the Tampa Bay area.