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Craft Beer in Tampa Bay

  1. Florida's craft beer industry poised to win long-sought changes

    State Roundup

    ST. PETERSBURG — At 2 in the afternoon, Green Bench Brewing is empty but for a bearded bartender and a dark-brown dog named Porter. Within a few hours, though, this brewery transforms into a packed nightspot, with bartenders, over the din of a live band, serving pints and flights of craft brews made on-site.

    Nathan Stonecipher of Green Bench fights for growlers.
  2. Patience pays off with taste of rare Pliny the Younger

    Bars & Spirits

    Of the world's long-running, top-rated beers, most are surprisingly obtainable. You can often pick up the top beers on rating sites Beer Advocate and Rate Beer at retail locations, provided you live somewhere near the distribution area and can snatch them up quicker than the beer traders do.

    Would you wait in line for hours for just one beer?
  3. West Bay Public House a worthy entry to Largo's booming craft beer scene

    Bars & Spirits

    When it comes to beer bars, I'm a fan of keeping things simple. Largo might be one of the best places around for no-frills, no-nonsense beer drinking, even if the options are a bit limited.

    West Bay Public House boasts a wide selection, from its 46 taps.
  4. Seminole's RhonDavous a friendly dive for beer 'brewed the hard way'

    Bars & Spirits

    Much has been made of Budweiser's Super Bowl ad, which insisted that Bud was brewed the hard way, a process that is ostensibly more honest than that of the "pumpkin peach ale" that the commercial's bearded, flanneled hipsters are seen drinking.

    A frosted mug of Budweiser at RhonDavous in Seminole, a no-frills bar where Bud is king.
  5. Red Tiki Bar a sparkling transformation of a St. Petersburg dive

    Bars & Spirits

    I've seen some dramatic remodels, but rarely have I seen one so complete and thorough as the one that the Red Tiki Bar has pulled off, all but eliminating the traces of its predecessor, the Rusty Nail.

    You won’t recognize the old Rusty Nail because, well, it’s now the Red Tiki Bar, free of the old cloak of smoke.

Tour our Tampa Bay craft breweries

The Tampa Bay area is the new hotbed of craft beer as more than a dozen breweries and brewpubs have set up shop with another half dozen in the planning stages.


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