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Craft Beer in Tampa Bay

  1. Time to get into lambics — and ditch the snobbery surrounding them

    Bars & Spirits

    Lambic is the most interesting beer style in the world. It's also the most controversial, surrounded by myths, hype and some of the finest examples of snobbery in the entire world of beer.

    The lambic sip starts here.
  2. Ulele's house-brewed beer is top-notch

    Bars & Spirits

    The blaze of hype surrounding Ulele's opening set some pretty lofty expectations for its "native-inspired" menu. That it is brewing its own beer in-house piqued my interest.

  3. Why would anyone pour a perfectly good craft beer down the drain?

    Bars & Spirits

    A question was recently posed to an online beer group that I follow: What percentage of beers that you drink end up as drain pours?

    Would your pour out this beer?
  4. History Museum houses St. Petersburg's best hidden craft beer bar

    Bars & Spirits

    Recently, a friend of a friend, visiting from Sarasota, commented that there aren't any beer bars in St. Pete. She must have realized her mistake as soon as I immediately rattled off a couple dozen competent beer spots that she apparently wasn't aware of.

    Hops and Props is a minuscule taproom and eatery attached to the St. Pete Museum of History.
  5. Eats! American Grill turns focus to drinks in Riverview

    Bars & Spirits

    Eats! American Grill has a concept so simple, it's hard to believe that more places don't do it: Offer a menu of classic American fare produced in an authentic regional manner. This means, for example, that the Philly Cheesesteak is served on an Amaroso roll from Philly and topped with Cheez Whiz. Authenticity as …

    Eats! American Grill also brings the craft beer and specialty cocktails.

Tour our Tampa Bay craft breweries

The Tampa Bay area is the new hotbed of craft beer as more than a dozen breweries and brewpubs have set up shop with another half dozen in the planning stages.


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