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Craft Beer in Tampa Bay

  1. On Gandy, a liquor lounge with a fine wine upside

    Bars & Spirits

    What's up with liquor lounges? I can't tell you how many times I've driven by a hole-in-the-wall liquor store and saw a dusty old lounge attached. Based on the look of most of them, I'm guessing this was a common thing in the '70s and '80s, but I wasn't quite legal to drink at that point, so I couldn't tell you.

    In addition to its lounge, Fine Wine & Spirits Warehouse boasts an impressive selection from the vine.
  2. Pass the pumpkin: Sampling fall's best seasonal craft beers

    Bars & Spirits

    October means lots of pumpkin beers (actually, that's June these days, but you've already heard that rant), but not all of the beers on the shelves for Halloween are gourd-based. There are lots of spooky brews out there this season, perfect for sipping out of a skull-shaped chalice. Here are a few I picked up at local …

  3. Ybor City Wine Bar: Much more than the name implies

    Bars & Spirits

    Here's one way to be effective if you open a drinking establishment: Tell your customers what they're going to get, right there in the name. Then give them a lot more.

    Bartender Ashleigh Cunningham pours for regulars Mary and Les Mouzon.
  4. World of Beer adds cocktails to its bar menu

    Bars & Spirits

    I've used a variety of arguments to persuade friends who "just don't like beer" to divert a round of bar-hopping to the nearest beer bar.

    They have wine.

    Now at World of Beer in Brandon: The Maple Manhattan, Beerberry Cosmo and Gin N’ Jam cocktails.
  5. Florida breweries score medals at 2014 Great American Beer Festival

    Bars & Spirits

    I recently returned from Denver and the GABF, where I sampled an outrageous number of medal-winning beers. Florida breweries, including two from Tampa Bay, took home a few of these medals, three in all. Here are this year's medal-winning beers from the Sunshine State:

Tour our Tampa Bay craft breweries

The Tampa Bay area is the new hotbed of craft beer as more than a dozen breweries and brewpubs have set up shop with another half dozen in the planning stages.


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