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Martha Beneduci ran the Hudson Shrimp Docks for 18 years before giving it up when her husband, Al, died. She still owns the Capt. Al, the boat she and her husband were on the night of the no-name storm.BRENDAN FITTERER | Times

Swimming against the storm to save a fleet

HUDSON --The water level at the shrimp docks had risen to Martha Beneduci's neck. Saltwater whipped by 50-mph winds stung her face. A powerful storm had pushed massive amounts of water into the coast. The docks had become a lake swelling into the streets and homes of this Pasco County fishing community. Beneduci sa …


No-name storm forced changes in insurance, preparation

Floridians know storms on a first-name basis: Andrew. Charley. Opal. Wilma. Those hurricanes still haunt our collective consciousness, reminders of danger, destruction and death. But i …


Modern forecasting got start with 1993 no-name storm

Even on the clattering low-tech machines we used 20 years ago, it was clear this was no ordinary spring storm. It was March 1993, and I was chief meteorologist at the NBC station in Austin, …


Scenes from the 1993 No-Name Storm

They called it the “No-Name Storm’’ because in March 1993 only hurricanes got names. By the time its effects were measured, it earned the moniker “Storm of the Century.’’ It drowned more people than hurricanes Hugo and Andrew combined.


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  1. Bay area's weekly rainfall total is running three to six times normal


    There were probably times in the last two weeks when, thoroughly soaked in that special shirt-plastered-to-your-skin kind of way, the rain forced you to you stop and ask: Is this normal?

    A map produced by the National Weather Service shows rainfall over the 14-day period before Tuesday morning measured in inches above or below normal. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]
  2. Clouds on the horizon


    JIM DAMASKE | Times

    Beachgoers at Clearwater Beach clear out as rain rolls in from the gulf Monday, the fourth straight day of rain in the Tampa Bay area. More is expected today to cap a soggier than usual September. Nearly 10 inches of rain have fallen this month, said Bay News 9 meteorologist Brian McClure. But …

    Rain moves in from the Gulf darkening the skies over Clearwater Beach emptying it of beachgoers Monday afternoon 9/29/14.
  3. Soggy bay area still recovering from weekend's heavy rains


    Stormy weather led to a soggy weekend around Tampa Bay, with inches of rain falling during periodic downpours across the region.

  4. Heavy rains could stick around until the weekend


    A stationary front that dumped a glut of rain on the Tampa Bay region since Friday has left in its wake flooded roads, a sewer line break, collapsed roofs and at least one submerged car.

  5. Storm damage causes outages in downtown, Historic Old Northeast neighborhood


    ST. PETERSBURG — Power outages Friday night disrupted downtown St. Petersburg traffic and affected more than 3,000 Duke Energy customers in the Old Northeast neighborhood.

  6. More rain forecast for Tampa Bay



    Barb Edwards of Hershey Pa., left, and Marilyn Hocker of Mechanicsburg, Pa., seek shelter from a rainstorm that blew over Clearwater Beach and through Pinellas County on Tuesday. Expect to see more rain over the next several days, forecasters say. Weather patterns will likely produce …

    With the summer 2014 rainfall totals near to below normal, Tuesday‚€™s rainstorms which passed through the Tampa Bay area were welcomed by some but not everyone, including Barb Edwards, of Hershey Pa., left, and Marilyn Hocker, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., who were visiting Clearwater Beach this morning when a storm blew through Pinellas County soaking them where they lay on the beach. But according to the National Weather Service in Ruskin some parts of West central and southwest Florida are having one of the top ten driest summers on record, with rainfall amounts since June 1 being highly variable ranging from as little as 10 to over 30 inches. This is mainly due to the variability of thunderstorms and how one location can receive a couple of inches of rain from a storm while another just a short distance away will miss the storm and receive none. Another factor is that for several days this summer we had a southwest to west flow setup which favors the east coast of the Florida Peninsula for afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
  7. Gloom at noon


    SKIP O'ROURKE | Times

    A thick line of dark clouds hangs over Tampa Bay on Monday as a squall line moves through the area, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and lightning. This photo was taken just after noon on Davis Islands in Tampa, looking toward the eastern shore of the bay. More rain, with a chance of river …

    Just after noon on Monday 09/22/14 a squall line moved through the area, strong winds heavy rain and lightning accompanied the storm that moved out of the Gulf of Mexico
  8. Hope you like what you're seeing today — rain expected all week across Tampa Bay


    The heavy rain that blanketed the Tampa Bay area on Monday is likely hang around. Showers and thunderstorms, with a chance of river flooding, are forecast for the next several days.