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Florida Weather

Martha Beneduci ran the Hudson Shrimp Docks for 18 years before giving it up when her husband, Al, died. She still owns the Capt. Al, the boat she and her husband were on the night of the no-name storm.BRENDAN FITTERER | Times

Swimming against the storm to save a fleet

HUDSON --The water level at the shrimp docks had risen to Martha Beneduci's neck. Saltwater whipped by 50-mph winds stung her face. A powerful storm had pushed massive amounts of water into the coast. The docks had become a lake swelling into the streets and homes of this Pasco County fishing community. Beneduci sa …


No-name storm forced changes in insurance, preparation

Floridians know storms on a first-name basis: Andrew. Charley. Opal. Wilma. Those hurricanes still haunt our collective consciousness, reminders of danger, destruction and death. But i …


Modern forecasting got start with 1993 no-name storm

Even on the clattering low-tech machines we used 20 years ago, it was clear this was no ordinary spring storm. It was March 1993, and I was chief meteorologist at the NBC station in Austin, …


Scenes from the 1993 No-Name Storm

They called it the “No-Name Storm’’ because in March 1993 only hurricanes got names. By the time its effects were measured, it earned the moniker “Storm of the Century.’’ It drowned more people than hurricanes Hugo and Andrew combined.


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  1. Gloomy morning will only get worse with afternoon storms


    Here comes the gloom, Tampa Bay.

    After two days of what basically seemed to ring in our back-to-normal-always-summer Florida weather, meteorologists say a line of storms and cooler weather is coming back at us.

    The sun rises over Boca Ciega Bay on Thursday as clouds approach from the west. [SCOTT KEELER   |   Times]
  2. Tornado hits Mississippi, snow in Plains and Upper Midwest


    JACKSON, Miss. — A tornado touched down in eastern Mississippi as thunderstorms swept through the area on Tuesday, while a powerful snowstorm buried parts of Colorado and Nebraska in more than a foot of snow before crawling into the Upper Midwest.

    A snowplow clears snow off of Interstate 80 Tuesday near  Earlham, Iowa. [Associated Press]
  3. Morning fog advisories blanket Tampa Bay; expect it again tonight and tomorrow morning


    Early birds fought their way through a thick blanket of Fog around Tampa Bay early Tuesday, whether wiping the excess moisture from the windows as they drove cautiously over area bridges, or picked their way through it walking to the car or the coffee shop.

    K.C. Siriouthay, 61, from St. Petersburg, looks down to the water waiting for mullet during a foggy morning at North Shore Park in St. Petersburg Tuesday morning. "It's different today," Siriouthay said. "The fog, a lot of fog. I've never seen it like this." [DIRK SHADD   |   Times]
  4. No shadow: Pennsylvania groundhog 'predicts' early spring


    PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. — The handlers of Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, say the furry rodent has failed to see his shadow, meaning means he's "predicted" an early spring.

    Visitors look through the windows at the Punxsutawney Public Library where groundhogs are on display at "Phil's Burrow" in Punxsutawney, Pa., Monday. Thousands of people come to Punxsutawney for the annual Feb. 2 celebration of Groundhog Day on Gobbler's Knob. [Associated Press]
  5. Tampa Bay reopens to ship traffic after heavy fog closed bay for much of day


    TAMPA — Dense fog closed Port Tampa Bay for much of the day Thursday, preventing a Carnival Cruise ship and other vessels from entering or leaving.

  6. Satellite image shows aftermath of blizzard that blanketed eastern U.S.


    Millions of people along the East Coast of the United States on Monday continued to dig out from a massive blizzard that shut down much of the Northeast for the weekend.

  7. East Coast commuters facing slippery start to work week


    NEW YORK — East Coast residents who made the most of a paralyzing weekend blizzard trudged into the workweek Monday amid slippery roads, spotty transit service and mounds of snow that buried cars and blocked sidewalk entrances.

    Commuters wait in the street as piles of snow fill their bus stop Monday morning in New York. The weekend's storm dropped snow from the Gulf Coast to New England, with near-record snowfalls tallied from Washington to New York City, creating delays along snow-covered streets. [Associated Press]
  8. Frost advisory issued for Tampa Bay area as morning temps dip into 30s


    Before you set your feet down on the chilly floor this morning, you already knew it'd be a frigid start to the week — but did you know just how frigid?

    A horse shows off a blanket to his jealous paturemates on a chilly Monday morning in Largo. [JIM DAMASKE   |   Times]