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Happy Holidays

Help find Tampa Bay's best Christmas light displays

We're collecting nominations and making some of our own for the best places to see holiday lights. Know of some in your neighborhood? Just snap a picture and Instagram it to us with the tag #tampabayholiday. More details are on our lights page.


It's our 12th annual cookie collection!

We have 24 mouth-watering treats to help make your holidays bright. Plus we have tips for baking, videos and past recipes for you to try.



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From light displays to ice skaing rinks to holiday movies and performances, our Things to Do database has it all.

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5 things to do under $5: Holiday lights edition

This week's 5 under $5 list takes a side trip down a holiday path, and you should, too. We have made the tough call of picking five of our favorite places to see holiday lights. Michelle and Katie …


  1. 25 ways to dress up corn on the cob


    There may not be any other food that screams Fourth of July cookout more than corn on the cob.

    Better corn on the cob, from top: garlic and Old Bay seasoning; Tuscan blend of rosemary and sun-dried tomato; Jamaican sweet corn rolled in coconut; and Oaxacan-style with queso fresco.
  2. Celebrate Memorial Day with Dr. BBQ and pork chops



    Grill a pork chop like a steak.

    What? Won't that kill you, eating pork that's even the slightest bit the color of a pink piglet?

    Grilled Romaine and Pork Chopped Salad from Pork Chop: 60 Recipes for Living High on the Hog by Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe. 
  3. Sunshine


    Good morning. It's Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014.

    Thumbs up for the non-boring Rays.
  4. Homemade treats say, 'I like — or maybe love — you'


    Valentine's Day is a good reason to be nice to anyone: special sweetie, friend or family member. You don't have to fix an elaborate meal to let people know you love that they are in your life. Giving homemade sweet treats definitely sends that signal, and always results in something priceless: a smile on the face of the …

    The Pokeball Cupcakes at far left were inspired by the Nerdy Nummies YouTube channel.
  5. More than one kind of love, more than one way to show it


    Besides the usual romantic dinner, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, which has evolved into a secular holiday from its origins in the Roman Catholic feast day of St. Valentine. Try these neat ideas to spread the love:

  6. Fancy sweets for your sweetie on Valentine's Day


    A gesture that says "I love you" can be better than a gift, just what you need to give your relationship a lift. A teddy bear won't win her heart, and a box of chocolates seems like a cliche start. Here are romantic desserts for your sweetie, quick, affordable and most of all easy! Fire up your ovens, get your whisks …

    NANDI MUSENGWA   |   St. Pete High
  7. You don't have to be part of a couple to celebrate Valentine's Day


    The 14th day of February does not require company to be enjoyed.

    Serve your homemade chicken salad on a big, soft bun.
  8. Tips for teens going out for Valentine's Day dinner


    Maybe he's your crush at school, or she's the nice girl you are giving a fair chance. You're going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, and the nerves are starting to sink in.

    If you’re going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, smile at your date. (But don’t slurp your pasta.)
  9. On Valentine's Day take the path less traveled


    Three weeks ago when the Melting Pot page on listed "Availability for Feb. 14: 6:30 p.m. or 8 p.m.," I imagined myself in a packed restaurant, leaning over a boiling pot of Cosmic Karamel fondue just to be able to hear my boyfriend wish me a happy Valentine's Day.