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Medical Marijuana Initiative

Follow the money behind Florida's medical marijuana battle

Florida's proposed Amendment 2 to legalize medical marijuana has drawn two major groups of campaign donors. United for Care, the amendment sponsor, has attracted thousands of supporters, who, aside from leader John Morgan, most frequently give small amounts, many below $100. The Drug Free Florida Committee, the mai …


  1. Indian tribes may legalize marijuana, feds say

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Will marijuana be as legal as poker chips on Native American tribal lands in Florida?

    Jake Howard, 21, shows off marijuana he bought at Next Harvest, a dispensary in Denver. He uses the drug for recreational purposes but said it helps with the pain from crashing his BMX bike. "It was weird at first but once you go in there a few times, it's normal," said Howard, who used to buy pot from a a friend down the street. "It's amazing." [Alex Leary  | Times]
  2. Feds say tribes can sell marijuana; what does that mean for Florida?


    Florida medical marijuana supporters will try again on 2016 ballot

    State Roundup

    The group that put medical marijuana on the Florida ballot this year — and fell just short of passing it — intends to launch a new constitutional amendment campaign shortly.

    Larry Heiny of Sarasota rouses the crowd after a USF medical marijuana rally Oct. 7 at the Marshall Student Center as part of the United for Care Medical Marijuana October Bus Tour.
  3. PolitiFact Florida: Amendment 2 got more votes than most recent governors

    State Roundup

    Floridians turned down a state constitutional amendment for medical marijuana, but it's clear that a majority of voters were all for the idea.

  4. Judge rejects lottery for medical marijuana growers; orders health department to write new rules


    An administrative law judge on Friday ordered the Florida Department of Health to start over and map out a new plan for growing, processing and selling a form of medical marijuana, known as Charlotte's Web.

  5. Florida voters just say no to medical marijuana


    Medical marijuana may be spreading across the nation, but it will not gain a southern beachhead in Florida this year.

    Frances Sansone, 42, of Brooksville, an advocate for Amendment 2, holds a poster in support of medical marijuana while waving at traffic on Spring Hill Drive on Tuesday. [OCTAVIO JONES   |   Times]
  6. John Morgan vows to try again if Florida's medical marijuana amendment fails


    Florida medical marijuana honcho John Morgan hopes for a victory on Amendment 2 when polls close on Tuesday. But a loss may not end the campaign, Morgan told the Tampa Bay Times on Friday. As long as the vote is close to the required 60 percent approval threshold, Morgan said, he will try again in 2016.

    John Morgan says his organization anticipates Amendment 2 earning a slight victory on Tuesday, but that if he loses the battle he can win the war.