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Medical Marijuana Initiative

Follow the money behind Florida's medical marijuana battle

Florida's proposed Amendment 2 to legalize medical marijuana has drawn two major groups of campaign donors. United for Care, the amendment sponsor, has attracted thousands of supporters, who, aside from leader John Morgan, most frequently give small amounts, many below $100. The Drug Free Florida Committee, the mai …


  1. Rubio says he'd use federal law to crack down on marijuana


    Marco Rubio says as president he would enforce federal law against states that have legalized marijuana.

    Different marijuana strains for sale at Cannabis Station in downtown Denver.
  2. Pot for pups? Cannabis for canines? Doggie doobies? Florida lawmakers consider study on medical marijuana for animals

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Three-year-old Dinah is the latest face joining the entourage pushing for medical marijuana in Florida, arriving on the scene just as the Senate is poised to broaden the state's non-euphoric cannabis law approved last year.

  3. Door shuts in Tallahassee on full-fledged medical marijuana

    State Roundup

    Noneuphoric pot may nudge forward in the Florida Legislature this year, but the window for a full-fledged medical marijuana system has all but slammed shut.

    Frances Sansone of Brooksville holds a poster in support of medical marijuana while campaigning for Amend-ment 2 in November. The vote was 2 percent short of the 60 percent it needed.
  4. Romano: Medical pot groups' dilemma — get it done now or hold out for more?

    State Roundup

    When is the time right to lower your fists? Do you accept an opponent's hand when it is offered, or do you keep swinging until the fight is completed?

  5. Can marijuana make you a better athlete?


    Can smoking marijuana make you a better athlete? That's probably a question you hadn't pondered, given pot's reputation for creating mellowness and a craving for munchies. But with growing numbers of states legalizing or decriminalizing the drug, Outside magazine decided to answer that question. So author Gordy …

  6. Rand Paul says Bush is a hypocrite over marijuana use


    Sen. Rand Paul says it's hypocritical for Jeb Bush to oppose legalizing marijuana given that Bush smoked a fair amount at prep school.

  7. Indian tribes may legalize marijuana, feds say

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Will marijuana be as legal as poker chips on Native American tribal lands in Florida?

    Jake Howard, 21, shows off marijuana he bought at Next Harvest, a dispensary in Denver. He uses the drug for recreational purposes but said it helps with the pain from crashing his BMX bike. "It was weird at first but once you go in there a few times, it's normal," said Howard, who used to buy pot from a a friend down the street. "It's amazing." [Alex Leary  | Times]