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  1. Q&A: Sex in space, rhino horns

    Human Interest

    Sex in outer space

    My husband would like to know if there have been any reports or experiments of astronauts having sex in outer space?

  2. Q&A: How much did it cost the U.S. to track down bin Laden?

    Human Interest

    World's busiest airport

    Someone told me that Atlanta is the world's busiest airport. Is that right?

  3. Q&A: ISIS or ISIL?

    Human Interest

    ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State

    The media, in all its forms, and most federal departments and the president, refer to the terrorist organization as ISIS. All, that is, but the Defense Department, which refers to it as ISIL. Why?

  4. Q&A:

    Human Interest

    Shootings by police

    How many shootings of black men by white police officers happen every year in the United States?

  5. Q&A: Gas price, foreign aid, isolation units

    Human Interest

    When gas was this cheap

    Gas prices keep falling. When was the last time gasoline was under $3 a gallon?

  6. Q&A: Status of humanitarian aid in Gaza

    Human Interest

    Humanitarian aid in Gaza

    Is Israel allowing external international humanitarian aid into Gaza, for example, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc.?

  7. Q&A:

    Human Interest

    Case of the ducknappers

    So what happened to the "ducknappers" in Tampa that someone followed a few weeks ago?

  8. Q&A: Gas tax, Israeli army, restaurant opening

    Human Interest

    Florida's gas tax

    How much is Florida's tax on gasoline, and how does it compare with other states?

  9. Q&A: White House china, top TV events

    Human Interest

    White House china

    I noticed a reference to the Clintons stealing china when they left the White House. I didn't know about that, but did hear that they vandalized the White House and took or destroyed computers. President Bill Clinton also did a lot of last-minute pardoning. Was this true?

  10. Q&A: All about soccer

    Human Interest

    Ask the Times

    Soccer's stoppage time