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The Julie Schenecker Case

  1. For Schenecker jury, a high-stakes course in the mysteries of mental illness


    TAMPA — Is she insane?

    Julie Shenecker, with 20 years of medical records that detail a struggle against a variety of severe mental illnesses, killed her own teen children. She shot them, as she wrote, in the "mouthy mouth," covered them with blankets, manipulated her daughter's lifeless lips into a smile. …

  2. Jury: Julie Schenecker guilty of first-degree murder


    TAMPA — A jury took less than two hours Thursday evening to find Julie Schenecker guilty of murdering her two teenage children three years ago by shooting them at close range in the head and mouth.

    Julie Schenecker looks at her family members as she is escorted out of the courtroom after being found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder on Thursday.
  3. Prosecution experts: Julie Schenecker understood killing her kids was wrong


    TAMPA — The bar for criminal insanity is high in Florida, and Julie Schenecker, the New Tampa woman accused of killing her teenage children in 2011, hasn't met it, three mental health experts testified Wednesday.

    Julie Schenecker is led into the courtroom Wednesday for her murder trial in the 2011 slayings of her two children, Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13.
  4. Parker Schenecker testifies for hours in ex-wife Julie Schenecker's murder trial


    TAMPA — Sitting straight-backed on the witness stand three years after his ex-wife killed their children, Parker Schenecker recalled the tough love he had offered her.

    Parker Schenecker testifies during the murder trial of Julie Schenecker at the George E. Edgecomb Courthouse in Tampa on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Schenecker, 53, from New Tampa, is accused of killing her two teenage children Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13, in 2011.
  5. Defense psychologist: Schenecker 'without a doubt' insane during killings


    TAMPA — The day she bought the gun she would use to kill her children, Julie Schenecker woke up a little less depressed than usual. She would later tell a psychiatrist that she'd had her first clear thought in weeks: She would shoot herself and her two teenagers, and they would all go to heaven together.

    Dr. Michael Maher, a psychiatrist who evaluated Julie Schenecker at the request of her attorneys, testifies during her murder trial Monday. Her mental illness is incurable, he said.
  6. Julie Schenecker's outburst halts her murder trial briefly


    TAMPA — A New Tampa woman accused of murdering her teenage children brought her trial to a halt on Friday, shouting at her former psychiatrist as he testified he had repeatedly warned her against mixing alcohol with the mood-stabilizing medications she was supposed to be taking.

    Julie Schenecker’s brother, David Powers, and other family members react after her outburst in court Friday.
  7. Julie Schenecker jury hears her interview with police


    TAMPA — Without ever taking the witness stand, Julie Schenecker told a jury and a courtroom full of family members on Wednesday that she'd planned to kill her children three years ago.

    “Are my kids coming in later?” Julie Schenecker asked police detectives after her arrest.
  8. Schenecker's ex-husband takes the stand in her murder trial (with video)


    TAMPA — Three years ago, as he was preparing to travel overseas, former Army Col. Parker Schenecker turned to his wife and asked if she'd be okay during his deployment.

  9. Schenecker's journal reveals chilling details of killings



    In the hours after police say she murdered her children, Julie Schenecker picked up a pen and confessed to her spiral-bound notebook.

    During testimony on the first day of Julie Schenecker’s murder trial, Tampa police crime scene technician Matthew Evans identifies the gun purchased by Schenecker. Her notes say the three-day waiting period ruined plans for a “Saturday massacre.’’
  10. Jury seated in Julie Schenecker murder trial


    TAMPA — The strawberry farmer and divorced father of three was in. So, too, was the man who said he was one credit away from a degree in criminal justice.

    Julie Schenecker’s murder trial begins Monday.