'The Room's Tommy Wiseau has two new movies (with trailers)

Tommy Wiseau, the man who inspired "The Disaster Artist" and created the greatest bad movie of all time, has two new movies coming out.
Tommy Wiseau, left, and Greg Sestero in a scene from "Best Friends." Summit Pictures / Roguescots / Vovo Productions
Tommy Wiseau, left, and Greg Sestero in a scene from "Best Friends."Summit Pictures / Roguescots / Vovo Productions
Published March 6
Updated March 6

Tommy Wiseau, the man responsible for writing, funding, directing and starring in The Room, aka the greatest bad movie of all time, is back 15 years later with not one, but two new movies. 

Best Friends reunites Wiseau with The Room star Greg Sestero, who wrote the non-fiction book The Disaster Artist from which the 2017 James Franco film was adapted, is being released in two volumes.  It's about a drifter (Sestero) who befriends a peculiar mortician played by Wiseau.

Here's the trailer:

Volume 1 of Best Friends is set for a limited theatrical release on March 30, with Volume 2 to follow in the summer. It's directed by Justin MacGregor and also features Paul Scheer. (More info and tickets here.)

And just today The Hollywood Reporter reported that Wiseau is announcing another new movie titled Scary Love, in which Wiseau stars as a bounty hunter in search of his long-lost love in a futuristic Los Angeles.

That one is directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, and has yet to announce a release date. 

Here's a teaser trailer: