Chris Tisch, Senior Digital Editor, Audience and Engagement

Chris Tisch

Senior Digital Editor, Audience and Engagement

I'm the senior digital editor for audience and engagement at the Times. I've lived in the Tampa Bay area since 1995 after growing up in a remote town of 2,500 in northern Wisconsin. After a childhood filled with things like ice fishing, Green Bay Packers worship and saying funny words like 'bubbler' and 'you betcha,' I studied journalism at Northwestern University before landing a job covering the cops beat at the Bradenton Herald. I came to the Times five years later and have been in the thick of a number of big stories, including covering Florida's death penalty, riding out and reporting on Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, helping with the Terri Schiavo story and co-authoring a project about the mounting number of fatal prescription drug overdoses in Florida.

A Florida man’s car was stolen with his son inside. He chased the car for five miles, then shot the thief.

Authorities say Lamar Thurman, shown here in a Florida Department of Corrections photo, was shot after he stole a man's car with a boy inside.
The suspected car thief is in critical condition and will likely face criminal charges if he lives.

Gulfport man uses squirt gun to shoot his urine at a woman walking her dog, police say
He was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery.

12–foot great white shark pinging with satellites in the Gulf of Mexico

Miss Costa is more than 12 feet long and weighs nearly 1,700 pounds.

Florida's favorite Christmas movie is ... 'Batman Returns'?

NBC103 1/10/95 -- 'BATMAN RETURNS' --
While many other states' holiday movie favorites were more traditional, Florida's was, well, weird.

Surveillance camera captures video of plane crashing into building in South Florida as children flee

A surveillance camera captured video of a plane crash landing in a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, slamming into a building and catching fire. The pilot and passenger were killed.
The plane crashed into a building across the street from the airport from where it took off. Children and instructors fled from the building as the plane caught fire.