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Dear Penny is a personal finance advice column. Lisa Rowan is a personal finance writer and on-air analyst at The Penny Hoarder, and the voice behind Dear Penny. With over a decade of reporting experience, Lisa aims to offer honest, practical personal finance advice to help consumers achieve their financial goals. Lisa is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Georgetown University. She lived in Washington, D.C., for 10 years before moving to St. Petersburg in 2016.

Dear Penny: My husband’s overspending is destroying our finances

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One solution may be talking to him about his spending priorities, the financial advice columnist writes.

Dear Penny: I’m in so much debt my teenage son is afraid of student loans

First evaluate financial aid options for your son, the advice columnist says, then seek counseling on handling personal debt.

Dear Penny: I’m retiring soon. How do I protect my 401(k) from a downturn?
The advice columnist offers guidance for those worried about the recent volatility of stocks.

Dear Penny: I want to help my elderly parents by buying their house

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The advice columnist tells this generous couple to be careful. It’s more complicated than it sounds.

Dear Penny: I make way more than my boyfriend. How do we combine finances?

Stephanie Bolling and Ian Sasseen spend some time outside of their office in downtown St. Petersburg. (Carmen Mandato/The Penny Hoarder)
My boyfriend and I have been together for years. He wants to get married, but we both have concerns about money. I make significantly more than him, and this bothers him. What do you think..