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Ernest Hooper

Ernest Hooper

Ernest Hooper is the East Hillsborough Bureau chief and columnist at the Tampa Bay Times. Hooper joined the Times in 1992 and has worked as a prep sports writer and editor, TV/radio sports columnist, NFL writer, news columnist and unofficial ambassador, representing the Times as an emcee, judge or keynote speaker at hundreds of nonprofit events and civic functions. Hooper added the role of East Hillsborough Bureau chief in 2012. He oversees news content for the Times' regional edition east of Tampa, the SouthShore & Brandon Times, and writes two columns a week. His commentaries about family, community issues and political perspectives have helped Hooper connect with readers over the years, but he's probably best known for his signature tagline: That's all I'm saying.

The Paper Seahorse celebrates World Typewriter Day on Saturday (June23) from 10 a.m. to noon. Russell Conteras | AP

Hooper: Tampa couple continues quest to ĎSave the Typewritersí

In a sense, Tona Bell and her husband Randy Rosenthal are striving to save an endangered species.Creation has ceased. Existence wanes. The experts needed to sustain their place in our society are dying off.Bell and Rosenthal, however,...
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Hooperís Thought Of The Day

Metropolitan Ministries hosts a Summer in Christmas event on Saturday (July 23) called LEON (Noel spelled backwards). Is it ever too soon to celebrate the holidays?
Published: 06/18/18
Updated: 06/20/18
Dr. Dexter Frederick (far right) poses with his family: wife Lisa, daughter Jayde and daughter Kacy. Photo courtesy of the Frederick Family.

Sunday Conversation: Dexter Frederick talks about blending his role as father, doctor

Like so many fathers this summer, Dr. Dexter Frederick soon will see his oldest daughter off to college. ē Jayde Frederick will enroll at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Ala., this fall and begin chasing her dream of being a doctor. ē Yet the Tampa...
Published: 06/15/18
Updated: 06/18/18
A driver crashed into Trinity Cafe building on June 12 in the early morning. Despite the trials, Trinity Cafe opened the next morning and still prides itself on serving food insecure individuals. Photo Courtesy of the Trinity Cafe

Hooper: Car bursts through wall, but Trinity Cafe keeps feeding homeless

The tent went up in the Trinity Cafe parking lot hours before lunch on Wednesday morning.Minutes later, volunteers started rolling out the chairs and the table. For the second consecutive day, the cafe would serve its customers ó the...
Published: 06/12/18
Updated: 06/18/18

Itís a health crisis worthy of immediate attention

Much has been written about suicide in the last week ó a confluence of events involving the deaths of two celebrities and a Centers for Disease Control report that suicide rates have risen dramatically since 1999.So this is a...
Published: 06/11/18
Dr. Charly Lockwood has headed the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine since May 2014. Photo courtesy USF Morsani College of Medicine.

Sunday Conversation: Charly Lockwood leads the USF College of Medicineís transition

On his best days, Charly Lockwood will do a little bit of everything. ē The dean of the University of South Floridaís Morsani College of Medicine might spend the morning doing research in the lab, afternoons seeing patients ó yes he still serves the...
Published: 06/08/18
Updated: 06/10/18
Troops from the African-American Buffalo Soldiers await  delpoyment to Cuba in 1898. They left from Tampa, where they encountered racism like they hadn't seen before. 
[Tampa Bay History Center]

Ernest Hooper: You donít overcome racism by burying history, as some would do

To know where youíre going, you have to know where youíve been.Donít believe me? Remove your rear-view and side-view mirrors and try driving. Itís not impossible to navigate the road without those aids, but itís far more difficult.The...
Published: 06/07/18
Updated: 06/09/18
A family, including an older woman in a mobile walker, uses the new MobiMat Rec Path at Treasure Island's Gulf Front Park. ERNEST HOOPER | Times

Hooper: Treasure Island provides a path other beaches should follow

Treasure Islandís Gulf Front Park is sporting a relatively new feature: a wheelchair beach path that makes it more accessible.Samantha Hernandez, whose 15-year-old son Jimmy Ortiz uses a wheelchair, joined other parents to push...
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Missing Leggieís Facebook connection

We can debate all day about the unintended consequences of Facebook.It has amplified cyberbullying, created a disturbing acronym (FOMO for Fear Of Missing Out), served as a launching pad for "fake news" and distributed our personal data to...
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Hooper: Putnam should do Publix a favor and give money back

Adam Putnam should give back the $670,000 Publix and its executives donated to his campaign. People far wiser than me about politics say Iím wrong (thatís not a first). They insist such a move would make Putnam appear weak,...
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