Joshua Gillin, Senior Digital Editor, Emerging Platforms

Joshua Gillin

Senior Digital Editor, Emerging Platforms

In more than two decades of newspaper experience, my primary specialty has been a lack of specialization. I'm currently Senior Digital Editor for Emerging Platforms, which means I corral the many offerings connected to — email newsletters, podcasts, some video, some audio and a whole lot more. I've written, edited, posted, published, tweeted, interviewed, photographed, designed and sweated over details for just about every facet of journalism for newspapers in Philadelphia, Savannah, Pittsburgh and beyond before coming to Tampa Bay in 2006. I am general manager of, and worked for years at PolitiFact and tbt*. I grew up in Omaha and went to the University of Nebraska during the football championship years, which still draws side-eye from Gator and Hurricane alums. Now I live in Dunedin with my wife, daughter and our improbably large adopted cat, Countess. I spend my time fixing my 70-year-old house, pinballing between Dunedin's seven breweries (eight on Sundays!), riding bikes on the Pinellas Trail, building furniture, lamenting the plight of Gen Xers, going to the beach, criticizing restaurant prices, teaching martial arts, arguing Harry Potter plot points with my child and compiling lists to make myself sound interesting. I also tend to write a smidge too long.

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