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Lane DeGregory

Lane DeGregory

Lane DeGregory is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times enterprise reporter who prefers writing about people in the shadows. She went to work with a 100-year-old man who still swept out a seafood warehouse, hung out beneath a bridge with a colony of sex offenders, followed a feral child who was adopted. Lane graduated from the University of Virginia, where she was editor in chief of The Cavalier Daily student newspaper. Later, she earned a master's degree in rhetoric and communication studies from the University of Virginia. She previously worked for the Daily Progress and The Virginian-Pilot and moved to Florida in 2000 to write for the Times. She's married to a drummer, Dan DeGregory, and they have two sons, Ryland and Tucker. Lane's stories have appeared in the Best Newspaper Writing editions of 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008. She has won dozens of national awards, including twice winning Scripps Howard's Ernie Pyle Award for human interest writing and has been recognized eight times by the National Headliner Awards and eight times by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. In 2011, she was named a fellow by the Society of Professional Journalists. She teaches at the University of South Florida, the Poynter Institute and journalism conferences around the world. Listen to her weekly podcast, WriteLane, on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Tom Huang, assistant managing editor at The Dallas Morning News, joins the podcast. [DANESE KENON / Times]

Episode 40: Paying it forward

Today’s podcast is a conversation with Tom Huang, assistant managing editor for features and community engagement at The Dallas Morning News, about the need for - and benefits of - mentoring.A new podcast is available each...
Published: 09/18/18
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Episode 39: ‘What the hell did you do to my daughter?’

Episode 39: ‘What the hell did you do to my daughter?’

This week’s discussion is over a recent story -
Published: 09/11/18
Updated: 09/12/18
Elmer Wright, wearing a

Episode 7: Finding great ideas, part one

Today’s podcast focuses on story ideas and how to find great ones.Read the stories mentioned in the podcast here:Still shiningBy Lane DeGregory / Times Staff WriterOn the south side of the city...
Published: 09/10/18
A storefront uptown in Butte, Montana placed Evel Knievel on a pedestal in 2007. The hometown hero was expected back before his death. [MELISSA LYTTLE | Times]

Episode 8: Finding great ideas, part two

Today’s podcast is the second part of a discussion about story ideas and how to find great ones.Read the stories mentioned in the podcast here:What goes upBy Lane DeGregory / Times Staff WriterIf...
Published: 09/10/18
Some Tampa Bay Times interns join the WriteLane podcast. [DANESE KENON / Times]

Episode 38: The future of journalism

Meet some of our summer class of interns - Jimena Tavel, McKenna Oxenden, Jack Evans and Justin Trombly. They talk about what drew them to journalism and how motivated they are to be storytellers.And read some of their stories:
Published: 09/04/18
Updated: 09/05/18
A couple of weeks after getting out of jail, Austin and Jodi Holcomb went to their lawyer\u2019s office. Attorney Lee Pearlman, left, told them it will take months, and hundreds of dollars, to get his case sealed.

‘What the hell did you do to my daughter?’ He was accused of a crime he swore he never committed; she believed her 4-year-old

ST. PETERSBURGOn the evening of the accusation, before the police came, Austin Holcomb walked to his neighbors’ house to get his son.The boy, who was almost 4, had been playing there all afternoon.The neighbors’ house was a wreck.
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Episode 37: Thirty questions

Episode 37: Thirty questions

This week, we discuss some guiding questions for probing interviews.Here they are:1. Tell me the story of your life?2. What’s your earliest memory?3. Describe your family, house, pets … and how you fit...
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This press pass was issued when Lane DeGregory (then Thomasson) started working at The Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Va.

Episode 35: Young Lane

This week’s podcast focuses on the early years.A new podcast is available each Wednesday morning on the Tampa Bay Times’ website, SoundCloud and iTunes.
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Episode 34: Historical narratives

Episode 34: Historical narratives

This week’s podcast features Michael Wright, a reporter for The Press in Christchurch, New Zealand. Wright is working at the Tampa Bay Times during a summer fellowship.He talks about a historical narrative he wrote:...
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Dani and her father, Bernie, after she joined the Lierow family. [MELISSA LYTTLE   |   Times]

Episode 33: Podcast pals

This week’s episode is actually an episode of the podcast Two Writers Slinging Yang, with Jeff Pearlman.Pearlman, an author and former senior writer for Sports Illustrated, interviews other writers each week, and he let us use this...
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