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Thomas Bassinger, Times staff writer

Thomas Bassinger, Times staff writer

It all began late 1991 with a Nintendo controller and a game cartridge that read, in gold block letters, "Tecmo Super Bowl" (Ready! Down! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!). That's when a young Thomas Bassinger discovered the fearsome Ronnie Lott, the dominant QB Eagles and the superhuman Bo Jackson and spent countless hours taking their 8-bit counterparts up and down the football field (Remember Wayne Haddix, Bucs fans?). He's been hooked on football and statistics ever since. Today, he contributes to coverage of the Buccaneers and the NFL for the Tampa Bay Times. He is the author of the Turning Point postgame analysis and studies All-22 game film for the weekly scouting report of the Bucs' upcoming opponent. Follow him on Twitter during the games @tometrics.

The Bucs originally owned the seventh overall pick in this year's draft. There's a greater than one in four chance that they'll have a top five pick in the 2019 draft. [Associated Press]

Sound-Smarter-Than-Your-Friends Guide to Buccaneers-Giants: How Tampa Bay can lose if it wins

The Bucs are in a race, just not the one you hoped they would be in.
Updated: 6 minutes ago
On Sunday, Dirk Koetter's Bucs became the first team in NFL history to gain more than 500 yards on offense and score only three points. The lesson: Turnovers kill. Always have, always will. [Associated Press]

Buccaneers All-22: Tony Dungy wants to know what happened in the debacle against Washington. Here are the answers, coach

Stop blaming the play-caller. Dirk Koetter wasnít the reason why Tampa Bay scored only three points.
Published: 11/14/18
Updated: 11/15/18
Four seasons with the Buccaneers has robbed coach Dirk Koetter of his soul — at least that's what the dead eyes in his video game likeness suggest. [EA Sports]

It seems that Madden knows something the Buccaneers donít

For the fourth straight season, Madden is on track to accurately predict Tampa Bay's win-loss record.
Published: 11/14/18
Ryan Fitzpatrick is Jameis Winston and Jameis Winston is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Fitzpatrick is Jameis Winston and Jameis Winston is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Fitzpatrick is Jameis Winston and Jameis Winston is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Fitzpatrick is Jameis Winston and Jameis Winston is Ryan Fitzpatrick. [Associated Press]

Buccaneers AfterMath: In Tampa Bay, time is a flat circle

Everything the Bucs have ever done or will ever do, they will do over and over and over again.
Published: 11/12/18
Bucs running back Jacquizz Rodgers lost a fumble in the fourth quarter Sunday. It was his first fumble since 2014. [MONICA HERNDON | Times]

When the Buccaneers lose, they do things no one has ever done before

A by-the-numbers look at Tampa Bay's 16-3 loss to Washington.
Published: 11/11/18
Updated: 11/12/18
Since Dirk Koetter became coach of the Bucs in 2016, Tampa Bay has made 7 of 15 two-point conversions. [Associated Press]

The game-changing strategy the Buccaneers have never considered

Instead of playing to win, NFL coaches sometimes play to not lose. Why? Conventional wisdom and loss aversion.
Published: 11/10/18
In the Panthers' 42-28 win over the Bucs on Sunday, running back Christian McCaffrey gained 157 yards from scrimmage, third most in the NFL during Week 9. [Associated Press]

Buccaneers-Panthers All-22: Loss exposes a fatal flaw in Tampa Bayís offense

The Bucs are right to chase explosive plays. How they go about executing them, though, might be a problem.
Published: 11/07/18
Updated: 11/08/18
Bucs coach Dirk Koetter on his fake-punt decision Sunday:

Buccaneers-Panthers AfterMath: A fake punt? What the Ö Is Dirk Koetter trying to fire himself?

Whoís the quarterback in Tampa Bay? Is it Jameis Winston? Is it Ryan Fitzpatrick? How about Bryan Anger? Letís talk about Koetterís decision to put the ball in the punterís hands on fourth and 9.
Published: 11/05/18
Updated: 11/06/18
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw for 247 yards and two touchdowns Sunday against the Bucs. He also rushed 11 times for 33 yards. [Associated Press]

Bucs-Panthers: A by-the-numbers look at Tampa Bayís 42-28 loss

Here's a by-the-numbers look at the Bucs' 42-28 loss to the Panthers on Sunday:3Times this season the Bucs have allowed an opponent to score at least 40 points. The Saints scored 40 in Week 1, the Bears scored 48...
Published: 11/04/18
Bucs kicker Chandler Catanzaro has made 82.6 percent of his extra points this season. The NFL average is 94.6 percent. [Associated Press]

Sound-Smarter-Than-Your-Friends Guide to Buccaneers-Panthers: Tampa Bayís special teams are a special kind of bad

The Bucs special teams are staggeringly shameful, and theyíre costing the team points it canít afford to lose. Itís not just the kickerís fault, either.
Published: 11/03/18
Updated: 11/04/18