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Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor

Adam C. Smith

The Washington Post calls Political Editor Adam Smith a top political writer in Florida, and the Columbia Journalism Review has called him one of the top 10 political writers in America. He focuses on state and national politics, and is the creator of the award-winning Florida politics blog, The Buzz. Smith has been with the Times since 1992 and has covered local and state government, as well as general assignment and investigative beats. Smith grew up in New York City, graduated Kenyon College in Ohio, and when he's not chasing politicians, he tries to keep up with his wife, three kids and hound dog.

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  1. The overhyping of underwhelming Patrick Murphy


    For at least a year the conventional wisdom has echoed from Democrats and Republican alike in Washington, Tallahassee, and across Florida: U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy is the future of the Democratic party, a powerhouse statewide candidate and most likely Florida's next U.S. Senator.

    Today, two months before Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's preferred candidate faces Alan Grayson in a primary and four and half before the general election, we're struggling to think of when Florida last saw a candidate who proved as overrated and over-hyped as Murphy....

    Patrick Murphy
  2. Big, new Super PAC will mobilize Florida voters


    A new, well-funded voter mobilization group is gearing up across Florida to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot. For Florida's Future, a joint super PAC and 501(c)4 organization, aims to highlight and hold accountable candidates for their words and records on specific issues including climate change, student debt, and retirement security.

     The group is affiliated with the national For Our Future PAC led by billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer and several prominent labor unions. It aims to raise and spend $50-million in the top battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin....

  3. Adam Smith: Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, two self-serving politicians aiming for a comeback

    State Roundup

    Their fortunes have been linked for the better part of a decade, two political rivals long contemptuous of each other but today sharing more in common than either would care to admit.

    Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, two talented and ferociously self-serving Florida politicians, are both campaigning for political comebacks this fall. Neither has much experience doing work in the private sector, neither wants to spend the next couple of years toiling unnoticed outside of Washington, and neither is a sure thing to avoid that fate....

    Marco Rubio, left, and Charlie Crist. [Times files]
  4. Florida's never-ending Marco Rubio/Charlie Crist show


    Their fortunes have been linked for the better part of a decade, two political rivals long contemptuous of one another but today sharing more in common than either would care to admit.

    Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, two talented and ferociously self-serving Florida politicians, are both campaigning for political comebacks this Fall. Neither has much experience doing actual work in the private sector, neither wants to spend the next couple years toiling unnoticed outside of Washington, and neither is a sure thing to avoid that fate....

    Crist and Rubio
  5. Poll shows Clinton with 47%, Trump 39% of Florida voters


    Quinnipiac University is out with new Florida, Ohio and Pennseylvania polls today. In Florida Hillary Clinton has opened up a strong lead after being neck and neck with Trump in May. With more names in the mix, Clinton leads Trump 42-36 percent, with 7 percent for Libertarian Gary Johnson and 3 percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

    From Quinnipiac:

    Trump's support among men in Florida drops from 49-36 percent May 10 to 45-41 percent today. Clinton's lead among women grows from 48-35 percent in May to 52-34 percent today. Republicans back Trump 82-8 percent, while Clinton leads 93-2 among Democrats and 44-35 percent among independent voters. White voters back Trump 51-36 percent, as nonwhite voters go to Clinton 72-15 percent....

    Hillary Clinton, left, and Donald Trump.
  6. Pinellas County is Donald Trump Country; David Jolly beating Crist?


    It's wise to take any "internal campaign polling memo" released by a campaign with more than a few grains of salt, but at least two things jump out of a newly released memo from the David Jolly campaign based on June 1-2 polling in south Pinellas' Congressional District 13:

    1. That David Jolly would have a double digit lead over Democrat Charlie Crist in a safe Democratic district is hard to believe. Yes, Republican Jack Latvala says other internal polls had shown Jolly leading Crist, but 12 points? Seems highly suspect. For what it's worth, the Crist campaign paid for a Public Policy Polling robo poll June 6-7, that showed Crist leading Jolly 46 percent to 43 percent, which in itself is bad news for Crist given the numbers in that district....

  7. Congressional candidate launches AR-15 giveaway contest


    What took so long?

    State Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker, a candidate for congressional District 1 in the Panhandle has launched a Facebook contest to give away an AR-15 rifle. To win the "Evers Homeland Defender Giveaway"  you must be a resident of the district be at least 18 and pass a background check. You merely need to "like" his Evers for Congress Facebook page....

  8. Winner and LoserS of the week in Florida Politics


    Winner of the week: National Republican Senatorial Committee. After weeks of cajoling, wheedling, plotting, flattering, and orchestrating it looks like NRSC is about to get its way - Marco Rubio running for reelection and turning a tossup Senate seat into one leaning to the GOP.

    Loser of the week: Carlos Lopez-Cantera. The lt. Gov. spent a year campaigning for U.S. Senate, unable to convince anyone -- not even his running mate Rick Scott - that he was formidible. With the smoke barely clear from the Orlando massacre, he asked his old pal Marco Rubio to take the wheel....

  9. Bill Nelson: Donald Trump would be anchor on Marco Rubio Senate campaign


    Sen. Bill Nelson thinks Hillary Clinton won't have much trouble beating Donald Trump in Florida. "Against Trump?" he scoffed.

    "This is what I'm sure is weighing on Marco Rubio's mind right now," Nelson told The Buzz on Saturday. "Because if he gets in --  as much as I like Marco, as well as we get along -- Marco's going to have a tough time, because she's going to sweep the top of the ticket. ... That's a real risk because a loss there would make it very difficult for him if he wants a future in politics, and I assume he does."...

  10. Florida Democrats say Orlando massacre makes this perfect time for politics


    Less than a week after the massacre at a gay club in Orlandoi, hundreds of Florida Democratic activists are gathering at the Westin Diplomat in Hallandale Beach today for the state party's fundraiser gala. Emotions remain raw, and at an LGBT caucus meeting today sprinkled with cheers, tears, and jeers, Democrats made clear they had no sympathy for those arguing that politcs should be put aside in the aftermath of such a tragedy,....

  11. Dump Trump at convention? 'Time to amputate gangrened limb to save patient'


    Surprises me how many people still doubt Marco Rubio will run for another term, but be that as it may here are the comments and final results of the latest Florida Insider Poll:

    • Who would win a Marco Rubio/Patrick Murphy Senate race? Rubio 55%, Murphy 45%
    • Who would win a Rubio/Alan Grayson Senate race? Rubio 96% Grayson 4%
    • Would GOP be wise to change convention rules and nominate someone other than Trump, even though would won enough delegates? Yes 42%, No 57%
    • Do you expect Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to win Florida? Clinton 75%, Trump 25%

    Democrat: Because of Trump, the Republican Party has lost a great many true republican voters, it has also gained many democrat voters, and now resembles an amputee with a prosthesis limping along, and in dire need of rehab. Trump's 'foot in mouth' disease continues to worsen and his unfavorable numbers continue to rise. By the time the elections take place people will have had more than enough of his annoying ego and painful, self adoring rhetoric. His knee jerk responses and self centered comments following the Orlando tragedy clearly define the stark contrast between him and a very experienced Hillary Clinton, who had a much more thoughtful, intelligent and steadfast response, while emphasizing Trump's bizarre comments and temperament. And she will continue to seize upon these opportunities and raise that red flag every time he opens his mouth and puts his foot back in.  ...

  12. NRSC Chairman Wicker: Carlos Lopez-Cantera is a patriot, Marco Rubio a likely Senate candidate


    We caught up today with Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who hailed Florida's Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera as "a patriot, and an unselfish one at that" for encouraging Marco Rubio to run for a second term.

    "It's a profoundly pivotal moment in the political history of Florida," Wicker said of Lopez-Cantera urging his longtime friend to run for the seat Lopez-Cantera has been pursuing for nearly a year. "I think he's showing great character, and it's the sort of character that Floridians can be proud of in their lieutenant governor, because he's put his heart and soul in this race for a year."...

    NRSC Chairman Roger Wicker
  13. Hillary Clinton's Florida TV campaign kicks off today


    Hillary Clinton's general election TV campaign kicks in in Florida today with three TV ads highlighting her life-long commitment to children's and contrasting her style to combative Donald Trump.

    Florida is among eight states - along with Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia - targeted in the ad buy that the Clinton campaign says is six weeks and eight figures. It starts as Trump's poll numbers have slipped after a rocky two weeks....

  14. Insider Poll: Can Marco Rubio win reelection against Patrick Murphy?


    It looks increasingly likely, if not certain, that Marco Rubio will run for reelection to the Senate. 

    But will Rubio WIN re-election to the Senate? 

    His home state poll numbers have taken a hit since his presidential campaign, where Donald Trump beat him by nearly 20 percentage points among Florida Republicans. Unlike his first campaign in 2010, Rubio will be running in presidential election cycle with strong Democratic turnout. Trump at the top of the ticket could be a drag on all Republican candidates. Yes, an incumbent has a significant advantage, and Rubio is likely to be well-funded. But he still faces a big challenge winning a second term....

  15. Pam Bondi criticizes Anderson Cooper for inciting anger and hatred by asking her about her gay marriage record


    Attorney General Pam Bondi today appeared on the radio show of her friend Todd Schnitt, criticizing CNN's Anderson Cooper for focusing on her record on LGBT rights, rather than questions about helping victims which she had expected to address. Listen here:...

    CNN's Anderson Cooper, left, interviews Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.