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  1. Hillsborough High School students get a feel for teaching and a shot at scholarships


    TAMPA — With pictures of bicycles, food and a diploma taped on the whiteboard, first graders learning the difference between needs and wants used fake money and considered what to buy.

    Sheila Lopez, 14, floated around the classroom from student to student, helping them choose. It was her first time teaching a class, but when the students got too loud, her voice stayed upbeat and steady, and she quieted them with ease. ...

  2. Hip-hop artist 'BC' opens at Ybor City club

    Human Interest

    With a portable CD player, an amplifier and a microphone, Bryan Clardy, a.k.a. "BC," takes the stage on a quiet evening at the Bunker in Ybor.

    All around him, laid-back singer-songwriters sip lattes and Italian sodas — not a typical crowd for the Tampa hip-hop emcee.

    Still, they feel his vibe. Heads nod and feet begin to tap as Clardy performs Ode to Gil Scott Heron, a track he wrote with well-known industrial hip-hop poet Saul Williams....

    Bryan Clardy, a.k.a. “BC,” recently released his first EP, Time Capsule. He will open for Del Tha Funkee Homosapien tonight in Ybor City.
  3. Science puts Hillsborough pupils to the test


    One loop. One hill. Two tunnels.

    Using those specifications, teams of fifth-graders from Hills­borough County schools will build a roller coaster in 20 minutes using sparse materials.

    Elementary students prepared for more than a month to compete in the Hillsborough County Science Olympics today at the Museum of Science and Industry. Each grade level has different science challenges, but the main event is the fifth-graders' Marble Coaster challenge....

    Hildaleigh Serrano, 10, left, and Karla Mercado, 8, find out during an experiment Friday at Bay Crest Elementary how far a marshmallow travels when shot from a homemade catapult.
  4. New cooling technology expected to save Hillsborough school district money


    TAMPA — Classrooms are empty when the air-conditioning system at Roland Park Elementary and Middle goes on at 9 p.m. The 3 miles of tubes spiraling inside each of eight ice tanks on campus will freeze solid by 5 a.m.

    In the morning when students arrive, a mix of glycol and water flows quietly through the tubes, and the ice outside them maintains the internal temperature. Glycol allows the water to drop to 19 degrees without freezing. Meanwhile, a heat exchanger collects the warmth from indoors and channels it through the ice tanks. Then fans blow over the cooled water, creating cold air that brings each classroom to a comfortable 76 degrees....

    Water is cooled from 50 to 40 degrees after processing through the ice tanks, at right. Then, temperature modulating valves, top, channel it into the chiller tanks, at left, where it cools to 38 degrees. From there it flows through coils and fans blow across them, creating air conditioning.
  5. The way the music died: The earliest days of Tampa Death Metal

    Music & Concerts

    The clock is nearing midnight and the smoke inside Ybor's Crowbar is rolling like thick fog.

    It's the night of the Brutal BBQ, a gathering of local metal bands from Tampa Bay. There is no shortage of beards, black shirts and long hair. Bands on the bill include Unkempt, Tug, Party Time, Murderous Rampage and Must ... Not ... Kill.

    A mostly male contingency is down in the pit, in the middle of the floor, throwing their fists with their entire body as if possessed by something sinister. The lyrics are gory, the levels are loud and ear plugs are recommended (though not often utilized). ...

  6. Bedeviled by texting, eating and Lil' Wayne rapping, new teen drivers find out how dangerous distractions can be


    TAMPA — The engine of the silver Ford Focus starts to roar. Sickles High School student Brenna McTeer, 15, grips the wheel while the music is blaring. She fumbles with the wrapper on a fruit rollup.

    The car gains speed and swerves. Something hits the bumper and rolls under the tires. McTeer tosses the fruit rollup into the back seat, She turns to assess the damage, and sees two green cones on the ground....

  7. Army, and tough love, marked the Colonel


    TAMPA — William Mack Waterfield had nicknames such as Boots and Bill, but he was mostly known as the Colonel.

    Mr. Waterfield, 90, of Valrico, died Aug. 3, having never fully recovered from pneumonia six months earlier.

    He was born Sept. 1, 1918, near Norfolk, Va, the oldest of seven children. While still in high school, Mr. Waterfield ran away and joined the Coast Guard. When officers found out he was only 16, they sent him home....

  8. A chat with Elwood Blues (or at least his lookalike)

    Music & Concerts

    Tampa's Wink Warren has been performing in one of the nation's top Blues Brothers tribute bands — the aptly named A Tribute to the Blues Brothers — since the early '90s. Wink plays Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), partner Dave Martin plays Jake (John Belushi).

    This Sunday at the Ritz Theatre, Warren and Martin are putting their shades back on and heading out on the road. Before they leave for a weeklong gig in California, tbt* talked with Warren....

    They’re pretending to be on a mission from God.