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C.T. Bowen, Pasco Times Columnist

C.T. Bowen

C.T. Bowen has been reporting and writing about the people and politics of Pasco County since moving to Florida in 1987. A native of upstate New York, he lives in Land O' Lakes with his wife, Mary Beth, a public school teacher. They have two sons.

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  1. Bowen: Herculean effort needed to reopen park and pool


    The swimming pool at the former Hercules Aquatic Center in Zephyrhills is still empty. Unless you count trash and rainwater.

    Consider that a public service announcement and a reminder of a wasted asset.

    It's worth keeping the Hercules site in mind because Pasco County is about to embark on a long-term parks and recreation master plan, the details of which will be presented to commissioners in a March 3 workshop. (See related story on this page.) But in an October preview, consultants reported that telephone interviews and mail surveys of 621 people revealed the public's top two priorities: taking better care of existing facilities, and adding water facilities and programs — splash parks, swimming pools, water fitness and swimming lessons....

  2. Pasco road fee plan leaves other services wanting

    Local Government

    So much for the economic recovery producing a government revenue windfall.

    At the kickoff to their annual budget season last week, Pasco commissioners heard that nearly 30 percent of the new money expected from a rebounding tax roll already has been committed.

    It's a byproduct of the 2011 ordinance that eliminated transportation impact fees and replaced them with less expensive mobility fees to lure employment centers and to drive residential growth into the western and southern tiers of the county....

  3. Pasco commission agrees to help residents of Summertree connect to county water system

    Local Government

    NEW PORT RICHEY — The fight for clean, reasonably priced water for Summertree residents returned to the Pasco County Commission on Tuesday, a year after talks of a public acquisition of a private utility were expected to begin in earnest.

    Commissioners agreed to assemble a committee of county and state officials to seek financial assistance from Tallahassee or alternative financing to help cover the cost of connecting the approximately 1,100 homes to Pasco County's water system. An estimated impact fee of $1 million would be owed to the county. But under state law, the private utility, Utilities Inc. of Florida, can profit by paying that fee up front and then charging it back to residents for the next 22 years at 13 percent interest. It translates to a more than $1 million profit for the utility....

  4. Pasco school officials anticipate push for higher impact fee


    LAND O'LAKES — The last time Pasco County commissioners considered changing the amount of the school impact fee, the public debate turned into a monthslong political brawl featuring public protests, crowded town hall meetings and even intimidating emails from a home builder to elected officials.

    And that was a 2011 discussion about lowering the fee, which is charged on newly constructed homes to help pay for new classrooms. Commissioners, on a 3-2 vote, eventually decided not to lower the fee, an idea that had been pitched to them as an economic stimulus....

  5. Bowen: A premium outlet addresses the central Pasco border dispute


    The typical government-produced road side sign, white letters on a green background, popped up in central Pasco 14 months ago. Installed on the south side of State Road 54 at Cypress Creek Road, it provided information to commuters on their journey eastward to Interstate 75.

    It was supposed to mark a boundary, but it might as well have been a stop sign since it halted some Land O'Lakes motorists dead in their tracks. ...

  6. Bowen: Government charter needs a warning label


    Somewhere, Jim Hollingsworth is smiling.

    Hollingsworth, for you recent transplants to Pasco, served a single term on the Pasco County Commission more than 30 years ago. He taught political science at the community college and provided faithful Republican opposition in a Democratic-controlled county. He ran for local office four more times without success, but remained active behind the scenes. He mentored his successor, Mike Wells Sr., and Commissioner Pat Mulieri, and he never stopped advocating for a charter government for Pasco County....

  7. Pasco commission okays private ambulance services

    Local Government

    DADE CITY — Pasco County and two private ambulance companies are now sharing the non-emergency patient transport business, ending the county's long-standing monopoly on the service.

    Under agreements approved by county commissioners this week, Medfleet and American Medical Response are projected to share 262 calls for service this year, which will leave a $157,000 hole in the county's fire-rescue budget....

     Amanda Gallardo and Chris Corey wait for the lift to lower on their handicapped-accessible van at their home in Spring Hill Monday June 30, 2014. The van was given to the family from the MedFleet and was refurbished to help provide a comfortable way of transporting their 9 year old daughter Alexis Corey. At the age of 7 Alexis was diagnosed with Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome a form of epilepsy that affect children three to fifteen years old. "It is amazing what a community can do," said Amanda Gallardo. "Our suburban broke down so this van has been a great help and make life more comfortable for her."
  8. Pasco County property appraiser will run for sixth term


    DADE CITY — On the same morning future Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran stood before Pasco commissioners touting the benefits of term limits, Property Appraiser Mike Wells Sr. walked into an office one block away and filed candidacy papers to seek a sixth four-year term in 2016.

    "What can I say?'' Wells, a Republican, said, chuckling about Tuesday's political serendipity.

    His re-election plan also contradicts previous statements that he would leave office at the end of his current term, a retirement planned partly to allow his son, recently elected Commissioner Mike Wells Jr., to escape his shadow....

  9. Pasco commission delays action, will hold workshop on charter government proposal

    Local Government

    DADE CITY — A Pasco County Commission discussion about charter government Tuesday turned into a debate between future state House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Pasco Tax Collector Mike Fasano, arguing the validity of reshaping county government.

    Corcoran told commissioners that a charter would empower voters by establishing term limits, single-member districts, an elected mayor and recall provisions, making elected officials more accountable. Fasano portrayed it as a power play by state legislators....

  10. Corcoran relaxes charter government stance

    Local Government

    State Rep. Richard Corcoran is retreating from his push for a legislative-appointed charter commission for Pasco County and instead will support a plan from Pasco Commission Chairman Ted Schrader to share responsibility for shaping the charter committee.

    Next week, Schrader will ask fellow commissioners to establish a 15-member charter panel with each of the five members of Pasco's legislative delegation naming one member. County commissioners would name the other 10....

  11. Commission to consider Restore Act spending for coastal projects

    Local Government

    NEW PORT RICHEY — The first payout to Pasco County from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill five years ago could mean better boating, cleaner water and shorter lines at the beach restroom.

    Last month, a county advisory committee considered how to spend the local share of money from the federal Restore Act, which directs most of the civil penalties from BP and other companies responsible for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Curtis Franklin, the county's Restore program manager, said the committee sifted though 35 projects totaling $365 million. With less than $1 million allocated to the county from the initial payout, the advisory committee recommended one project for each of the three governments seeking a share....

  12. Bowen: Saving Colonial Hills clubhouse an uphill battle


    The sign promising community cuisine lured Kelly Miller and Richard Lubanski to the Colonial Hills Civic Association clubhouse like it did so many others before them.

    "Pancake Breakfast.''

    Who can resist the temptation of carbs and conversation?

    But unlike the others, Miller and Lubanski never left. That was more than four years ago. She is now head of the civic association, he's the treasurer and, until recently, the sole cook at the Colonial Cafe, the four-day-per-week eatery inside the clubhouse. There, he whipped up breakfast and lunch staples at reasonable prices (a three-egg cheese omelet cost $3.74, including toast and coffee). But the monthly pancake breakfasts ended in November, and the cafe ceased operations in early December....

  13. Pasco commission chairman to seek local charter panel

    Local Government

    Pasco County Commission Chairman Ted Schrader wants to circumvent state legislators pushing a switch to charter government by asking fellow board members to name their own charter commission, effectively keeping control of the debate within Pasco County.

    Schrader said Wednesday he will make his request to commissioners at their meeting next week. Allowing the County Commission to direct the debate will better serve local residents, he said, "rather than having a petition drive from Tallahassee financed by lobbyists and outside interests who may or may not have never set foot in Pasco County.''...

  14. State Rep. Corcoran pushes change to charter government in Pasco

    Local Government

    State Rep. Richard Corcoran, the future speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, wants Pasco voters to consider switching their county government to one governed by a charter.

    Corcoran, a Land O'Lakes Republican, discussed the charter idea during a recent meeting with County Commission Chairman Ted Schrader, County Administrator Michele Baker and lobbyist Shawn Foster. Under state law, a county commission majority vote or a petition signed by 15 percent of the county's registered voters — more than 46,000 signatures in Pasco — can create a charter commission. The panel then has up to 18 months to complete the charter for a public referendum....

    Rep. Richard Corcoran proposes a charter for Pasco.
  15. Shelter expansion proposal in Holiday sparks debate over federal immigration policies


    The national debate over immigration policies boiled over in Holiday after Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services started sheltering Central American teenagers there under a federal refugee resettlement program.

    Opponents picketed outside the facility and crowded three public hearings before planning and county commissioners, portraying the boys as disease-carrying criminals posing a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the surrounding community....