Emily Rieman, Times Staff Writer

Emily Rieman

Emily Rieman is a native of St. Petersburg and recently moved back after graduating from Florida State University. She was raised as an avid bargain shopper and has been taught the value of a dollar since a young age. With this knowledge, her goal as the new Action columnist is to inform and educate readers how to be sure to get the most for a dollar and how to keep money safe from scammers and deceptive business practices. She has been with the paper for almost two years and is excited to be working to help readers.

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  1. Pinellas County's public school valedictorians and salutatorians for 2012



    We asked Pinellas County's top graduates to answer these questions:

    LEARNING: Name one thing you didn't expect to learn.

    Influenced by: Name one person who has influenced you and why.

    SHOUT-OUT: Is there is a teacher you want to thank and why?

    LOOKING BACK: What is your best high school memory? ...

  2. Pinellas County's 2012 private school valedictorians and salutatorians



    We asked Pinellas County's top graduates to answer these questions:

    LEARNING: Name one thing you didn't expect to learn.

    INFLUENCED BY: Name one person who has influenced you and why.

    SHOUT-OUT: Is there is a teacher you want to thank?

    LOOKING BACK: What is your best high school memory? ...

  3. Make sure used items you're selling aren't on a recall list


    Take a moment to check recalls before selling those used items

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched its Resale Round-up campaign, a program to educate consumers and resale business owners about laws preventing the resale of recalled products.

    Enacted last summer, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 made it a federal offense to sell any recalled items. Violators could face criminal or civil penalties, or both. ...

  4. Credit limit restored to original amount after glitch


    Credit limit has been restored to original amount after glitch

    Q: I opened a GE Bank Sam's Club Discover card more than four years ago. This card has always been my primary card.

    I pay a $100 annual membership fee; one of the benefits includes receiving as much as a 2 percent rebate on purchases. My average monthly spending on this card alone is more than $4,500, allowing me to earn about $1,000 in cash rebates each year. I pay it off in full each month....

  5. $30 cookware rebate has been issued


    $30 rebate turns into $20 rebate, then becomes a $30 rebate

    Q: I bought an 18-piece cookware set last year that cost me $49.99. There was a $30 rebate offered with the purchase.

    I sent in all the required paperwork and waited at least four months with no sign of my rebate.

    I finally called and talked with customer service representatives who gave me a handful of new excuses each time. They claimed it had already been sent out, then said they could only send $20 because a UPC was missing, and another time promised to send it that day. ...

  6. Congratulations! You're being scammed!


    Congratulations! You're being scammed!

    It's your lucky day! You've just won $11 million in the Jamaican Lottery. The letter is celebratory and the cashier's check sure looks legitimate, watermark and all. All you have to do to receive the rest of your winnings is deposit the check and wire money for the taxes and fees to the sender. Congratulations!

    Actually, it's not a lucky day at all. This scam is exactly how a Nebraska woman ended up losing $58,000, according to the Better Business Bureau. ...

  7. E-mail address error held up free ticket request


    E-mail address error held up free ticket request

    Q: On April 13 I received an e-mail request from Ruth Eckerd Hall to complete a customer satisfaction survey, as I have attended many shows there and I'm on its e-mail list. The survey promised me two free tickets to a show of my choice after I completed the survey.

    The survey was long and detailed, taking me 30 minutes to finish. I was asked about the cleanliness of the venue, the politeness of employees and other related questions. ...

  8. Life Line Screening issues refunds after misinterpretation


    Life Line Screening issues refunds to husband, wife

    Q: My wife and I both had Life Line Screening sessions on Feb. 10 as a preventive measure for our overall health. My wife's results were reported as normal, but mine were not.

    My results showed possible concern for the arterial health in my left ankle. The brachial index was reported to be zero. The screening results summary said "primary care consultation recommended."...

  9. Refund issues resolved after cable line goes through sewer pipe


    Ricochet might have sent cable line through sewer pipe

    Q: In January, I had an issue with my toilet and called a plumber to resolve the problem. Although the service man couldn't find the cause of the backup, he cleared the blockage. I paid $189 for this service.

    About two months later I had the same problem with my washing machine and called in the same company for repair. This time the plumber came with a camera to snake through the pipes in order to find the problem. ...

  10. Deadline to get $40 digital converter coupon is July 31


    Deadline to get $40 coupon for digital converter box is Friday

    The digital television transition was a long time coming and it seemed as though the media coverage was endless. Even so, 4 percent of Floridians were unaware of the transition according to www.dtv.com, and another 8 percent knew about the change but did nothing to prepare.

    Friday marks the end of the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program. If you rely on over-the-air broadcasting and have not applied for a coupon worth $40 off the price of a converter box, you must do so before Friday. ...

  11. Neighborhoods should contact law enforcement to start crime watch group


    Neighborhoods should contact police to start own crime watch

    Q: I am one of 370 residents at a mobile home park in unincorporated Pinellas County.

    We would like to start a neighborhood watch program, but we're not sure how to initiate, network or organize one.

    Mike Hurley Sr.

    A: Organizing a neighborhood crime watch is a great way to identify, report and prevent crime in your area. These programs use some of the best crime prevention tools: good neighbors. ...

  12. Discounted airline ticket didn't qualify for fuel charge refund


    Discounted airline ticket didn't qualify for fuel charge refund

    Q: In November 2008 I booked a flight for my niece to visit from London. A few weeks later British Airways reduced the fuel charge. I tried to get a refund for the difference, but no such luck. British Airways told me because the flight was booked before the change in fuel prices I did not qualify for a refund. ...

  13. TSA, not airline, is responsible for valuables missing from luggage


    File claim for valuables missing from luggage with TSA

    Q: Sometime while flying from Manchester, N.H., to Tampa, my luggage was searched.

    When I arrived home I found my jewelry items were missing. The items were keepsakes from my two sons who are now gone, and needless to say the gifts were very precious to me. My wedding ring was also in the same pouch along with several pairs of earrings. ...

  14. Medicare denials after car accident finally cleared up


    Medicare denials after car accident finally cleared up

    Q: I am 83 years old and in bad health. I have been on Medicare since December 1990 with no problems until recently, when it stopped payments to my medical providers.

    Medicare has been claiming that my Geico no-fault insurance is the primary payer for these claims. Its reasoning for denying the claim is related to a car accident that occurred in February 2004; I don't know why it waited five years to bring this up....

  15. Contract spells out warranty refund


    Amount of warranty refund is spelled out in contract

    Q: I am hoping you can help me with a warranty problem I am having.

    Continental Warranty would not cover work that was done on my car so I called the company and was told by a representative to state in writing that I wanted a refund.

    I did that and also sent in proof of purchase and canceled checks, which were required to cancel the contract. I expected to get a full refund after I completed this tedious gathering of information. ...