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Ernest Hooper, Times Columnist/East Hillsborough Bureau Chief

Ernest Hooper

Ernest Hooper is the East Hillsborough Bureau chief and columnist at the Tampa Bay Times. Hooper joined the Times in 1992 and has worked as a prep sports writer and editor, TV/radio sports columnist, NFL writer, news columnist and unofficial ambassador, representing the Times as an emcee, judge or keynote speaker at hundreds of nonprofit events and civic functions. Hooper added the role of East Hillsborough Bureau chief in 2012. He oversees news content for the Times' regional edition east of Tampa, the SouthShore & Brandon Times, and writes two columns a week. His commentaries about family, community issues and political perspectives have helped Hooper connect with readers over the years, but he's probably best known for his signature tagline: That's all I'm saying.

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  1. Hooper: Bill on diabetic emergencies may make something good out of tragic event

    Human Interest

    State Rep. Ed Narain, D-Tampa, hopes a bill requiring law enforcement to get continuing education for diabetic emergency recognition training passes both chambers this week.

    The bill, with companion legislation sponsored by Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, comes in the wake of the death of Arthur Green Jr., who suffered a diabetic seizure during an encounter with Tampa police. The family has sued, contending the police's actions led to Green's death. Police have stated Green was combative....

  2. Decision on property gives Seffner a chance to build community

    Local Government

    As a resident of Seffner, a suburban enclave halfway between Tampa and Plant City and just north of Brandon, I hold one certainty.

    We can be more.

    We can be — a place.

    We can be a place where we ask the county government to do more than just fill potholes, collect trash and provide public safety.

    We can be a place where we gather to bond and share fellowship. We can be a place that holds character and possesses a defining quality. We can be a place where we do more than just let the days go by....

  3. Brandon Walmart to close for six months


    BRANDON — The Walmart Superstore at 1208 E Brandon Blvd closed Monday because of plumbing issues and is not expected to reopen for six months.

    "As part of an effort to ensure all of our stores are fully serving the needs of our customers, we regularly assess the conditions of our stores," Walmart spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said in a statement. "Due to ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs, we are temporarily closing the Valrico/Brandon store." It will reopen as soon as all of the plumbing issues are resolved, she said....

  4. Hooper: Schools need to identify, help homeless teens

    Human Interest

    The Hillsborough County school district says it has identified 3,400 students — or the equivalent of two average-sized high schools — grappling with homelessness.

    The problem is that the actual number may be as high as 11,000 and those students are going without available services.

    That was one of the more interesting facts revealed during a WEDU community discussion last week after the screening of the PBS documentary, Homestretch, which airs at 10 p.m. tonight....

  5. Queena still serving as a beacon of courage

    Human Interest

    Queena Vuong, known for surviving a brutal attack at the Bloomingdale Library, was filled with nerves as she waited in line to meet one of her idols.

    Her sister, Anna, said Queena didn't know what to expect from the star. But really, she had no reason to worry. After all, it was just one princess meeting another.

    "The first thing Cinderella said when we introduced them, she touched her wheelchair and said, 'I love your carriage,' " Anna said. "Queena just lit up like: This is awesome. She was just so excited."...

    Queena Vuong and her sister, Anna, are all smiles while in the company of Cinderella. “Queena just lit up like: This is awesome. She was just so excited,” said Anna.
  6. Athena Society's Young Women of Promise provide signs of hope

    Human Interest

    One of the members of the prestigious Athena Society, an organization of business and professional women, came up to the me at the conclusion of the group's latest meeting and asked, "So what are you doing with your life?"

    Rooted in a mix of sarcasm, admiration and humility, the question epitomized the awe that 10 high school juniors inspired at the society's Dr. Sylvia Richardson Young Women of Promise luncheon April 2....

    Hillary McLauchlin, Berkeley Prep: In addition to being fluent in Mandarin, Hillary is an accomplished piano instructor and performer. She has even written a short musical, and launched a student group that provides free piano lessons in aftercare programs. She also won Berkeley’s 2014 Outstanding Service Award.
  7. Hooper: Corcoran's 'war' attitude on health care debate is misguided

    Human Interest

    Someone needs to tell the state House Appropriations chairman his name is Richard Corcoran, not Rick Flair.

    Corcoran, R-Land O'Lakes, spouted off like a WWE wrestler about the $4 billion budget divide between the state House and Senate last week by inviting fellow House members to, "Come to war with health care on us."

    War? Ask a veteran if haggling over the state budget in air-conditioned chambers is war....

  8. Hooper: A hard conversation about police and the black community

    Public Safety

    Blood poured from Lyfe Coleman's body as he lay in the front yard of his home near Robles Park. An unknown assailant had shot the 18-year-old. His father, Life Malcolm, looked on, knowing he had to help his son.

    That moment held a chance for Malcolm's strained relationship with the Tampa Police Department to change.

    Malcolm had never shied from publicly challenging Chief Jane Castor about how he believes her department has mishandled incidents in the African-American community....

    Life Malcolm speaks at the funeral for his son, Lyfe Coleman, who was shot and killed by an assailant Jan. 5.
  9. Hooper: Critics of Rays, pier plans need to offer ideas

    Human Interest

    When it comes to the Rays stadium situation and the St. Petersburg pier, it's time for opponents to offer solutions — compromising, consensus-building solutions.

    City Council members can't keep rejecting Mayor Rick Kriseman's Rays deal proposals without offering counter plans. Residents who favor an upgraded or renovated pier need to lead an effort to combine the best of the proposals, instead of forcing everyone to go back to the drawing board for a third time....

  10. Guns and college students a bad mix


    University of Tampa professor Jennifer Whelihan allowed me to serve on a panel of journalism professionals who addressed her media writing class Tuesday night.

    But I have to confess, my thoughts focused more on completing this column than sharing any brilliant insight with the students.

    Then it dawned on me. Let the students guide the column and kill two birds with one stone. Heck, they're already more interesting than me....

  11. Hooper: Florida Legislature should play it safe with Seminole Tribe gambling

    Human Interest

    Visitors to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa can find Beatles memorabilia adorning the walls. The Florida Legislature can find a solution to its impasse with the tribe in the lyrics of a classic Beatles song.

    Over the last five years, the state has yielded $1 billion from the gambling compact it has with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Although other well-monied gambling interests are seeking to gain a foothold with a change in the regulations, the state should play it safe instead of betting on a new deal that could yield unintended consequences....

  12. Combat veteran and best-selling author tells teens he admires them

    Human Interest

    Wes Moore, a Johns Hopkins graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Army combat veteran and best-selling author, stood before a small group of teens at the A La Carte Pavilion Thursday evening, ready to offer remarks and field questions.

    I knew he would start by sharing with the kids the keys to his success. I knew he would tell them how he rose from a troubled childhood in a hard-scrabble neighborhood to work as a White House fellow....

  13. Hooper: Mindful discussion on race is worthwhile


    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asked baristas at his popular coffee shops to engage customers by marking their cups with the phrase "#RaceTogether."

    He wants to spark a dialogue about racial tensions and racial inequality, but the early indication is that the initiative only sparked backlash against his company.

    It's too bad, because Schultz says his goal is to create a dialogue that can be a catalyst for empathy....

  14. Ernest Hooper: Yes, Vinik's plan for downtown Tampa is for real

    Human Interest

    Bob Abberger says more than one person has queried him about Jeff Vinik's grand vision for the 40-acre plan surrounding Amalie Arena, asking, "are you for real?"

    Abberger, senior managing partner for Vinik's Strategic Property Partners, always assures the plans will be as spectacular as they appear in renderings. He delivered that message again at last week's Downtown Partnership forum, fueling greater excitement....

  15. Hooper: Girl Scouts Woman of Distinction finds destiny in helping others


    When you run a nonprofit called Fulfilling Your Destiny, you need to fulfill your own.

    Karen Mertes emphatically says she's living up to the promise of the moniker — and not just because of achievements like being named a Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida on Tuesday.

    Mertes points to her website — — which details the triumphant and courageous stories of people she has helped....

    Author and activist Katherine Schwarzenegger, center, spends time with honorees at Tuesday’s Girl Scouts Women Of Distinction Luncheon. From left are Karen Mertes, Renee Vaughn, Schwarzenegger, Evelyn Follit and Lenore Costello.