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Graham Brink, Times Business Editor

Graham Brink, a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, joined the Times as a reporter in 1997. He became a deputy metro editor in 2007, business editor in 2008 and metro editor in 2014.

Phone: (727) 893-8406


Twitter: @GrahamBrink

  1. Hurricane Irma: Eight things to know about Category 5 storms


    If Hurricane Irma makes landfall as a Category 5 storm, it would join a small group of historical storms: It would be only the fourth Category 5 storm to descend on the United States.

    LIVE BLOG: The latest on Hurricane Irma

    THE LATEST ON IRMA Wednesday: As Hurricane Irma tracks east, Puerto Rico could get next strike...

    This water tower, a landmark at Florida City, stands August 25, 1992, over the ruins of the community that was hit by the force of Hurricane Andrew. The tower along with much of the town was later replaced. Andrew destroyed 80 percent of the taxable real estate in Florida City. (AP Photo/File)
  2. Hurricane Matthew: Six things to know about Category 4 storms


    Hurricane Matthew has strengthened back into an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm with 130-mph sustained winds. The storm is expected to strike Florida's east coast late Thursday and into today. Here are some quick facts about Category 4 storms:

    • Since meteorologists started measuring such things, 126 storms that formed in the Atlantic Basin, including the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, have strengthened into Category 4 hurricanes. Thirty-one went on to become Category 5s for at least a few hours, including Hurricane Matthew. Most Category 4s occur in September, but monster storms often form in early October, too....

    Homes lay in ruins after the passing of Hurricane Matthew in Les Cayes, Haiti, on Thursday. Two days after the storm rampaged across the country's remote southwestern peninsula, authorities and aid workers still lack a clear picture of what they fear is the country's biggest disaster in years. [Associated Press]
  3. Take a look back at some of Terry Tomalin's most memorable stories


    Times' Outdoors writer Terry Tomalin knew the swamps, beaches and forests of the Sunshine State about as well as anyone. He brought them all alive for readers with dozens of first-person narratives, often funny, sometimes poignant, always pure Florida. Here are a few from over the years.

    In pursuit of the famous Skunk Ape

    Knife in hand, Tomalin hopes to capture one of Florida's most elusive creatures. He wrote: ...

    Steven Lindenmeyer, Mitchell Erickson, George Erickson, Stella Puckett, Nia Tomalin, Patience McKenzie and Sean McKenzie react to a ghost story told around a campfire at Fort DeSoto Park. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT | Times (2010)]
  4. Wild ride across Florida: 800 miles, alone on a bike

    Human Interest

    Spindly legs dangle from the frame of my glasses. A black body rappels down a silk filament, itsy-bitsy arachnid feet tickling my nose.

    I throw down my bike, and rip off my glasses and helmet. My head convulses in a futile bid to jar the web loose.

    The spider drops into my open collar. It's only 3 inches long but might as well be a Humboldt squid.

    "Truck!" I wail, or a word that rhymes with it....

    Graham Brink completed an 800-mile bike race across the full length of Florida. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT   |   Times]
  5. Retaining top employees: Tampa Bay's top workplaces get it done


    We started the Top Workplaces section five years ago during the turmoil left by the worst recession in decades.

    The downturn had clobbered home sales, stifled tourism and crippled companies that made things. Still, our list of Tampa Bay's top workplaces was peppered with real estate companies, hotels and manufacturers.

    The primary question back then: How did they overcome such long odds to create a workplace their employees so cherished?...

  6. Deadline extended to nominate your company for Tampa Bay Times' Top Workplaces


    You still have time to nominate your company for the Tampa Bay Times' fifth Top Workplaces special section.

    The pace of nominations has already exceeded the previous four years, but we've also heard from some of the procrastinators hoping for some extra time. You've got it. We've extended the deadline to Nov. 22.

    Last year's list included some well-known names like T-Mobile and Capitol One. But it also showcased the talent at Tampa's BKS-Partner, a boutique insurance company, St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School and the Pinellas/Pasco Public Defender's Office, where employees had not received a raise in six years but still loved the work. ...

  7. Nominate your company for the Times' Top Workplaces


    Do you love your job? Do you love your company?

    Here's your chance to show it off.

    The Tampa Bay Times is accepting nominations for its Top Workplaces 2014 special section.

    Can your workplace break into the Top 100? Last year's list included some well-known names like T-Mobile and Capitol One. But it also showcased the talent at Tampa's BKS-Partner, a boutique insurance company, St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School and the Pinellas/Pasco Public Defender's Office, where employees had not received a raise in six years but still loved the work....

    Times illustration
  8. What it takes to be among Tampa Bay's top workplaces


    The stories in these pages are about what it takes to build a top workplace. They are about resilience and loyalty forged during tough times. They are about why workers put such a premium on a sense of engagement. They are about how personality — and a heavy dose of fun — can help the bottom line.

    Think of them as a blueprint to business success, a roadmap to creating the perfect workplace. There is something for everyone — workers looking for better opportunities, managers struggling to motivate employees, executives aiming to instill the right company culture....

  9. Blackstone Groups says it's looking at Tampa Bay for rental properties but won't be spending $1 billion


    The Blackstone Group said Friday that it might buy homes in the Tampa Bay area and turn them into rentals, but that it will not be spending $1 billion here.

    The response comes after the Tampa Bay Times published a story in Friday's newspaper saying that the private equity firm would spend $1 billion over the next three years in this area buying up to 15,000 homes, many of them foreclosures. ...

  10. Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces 2013 open for nominations


    If you work for a great company, here's your chance to show it off.

    The Tampa Bay Times is accepting nominations for its Top Workplaces 2013 special section.

    Can your workplace make the Top 75 list? Maybe even dethrone last year's top scorers — Capital One (large), Residence at Timber Pines (midsize) or St. Mary's Episcopal Day School (small)?

    Last year almost 23,000 workers from more than 130 companies took the survey. The Times' research partner, Workplace Dynamics, ranks employers within their size category based solely on the employee responses to the survey statements. The Times doesn't choose the winners; the employees of the companies do....

  11. Here's why Tropical Storm Debby won't really provide a stimulus


    Our latest wakeup call from Mother Nature chewed up roofs, snapped trees and turned cars into soggy husks. • The mess needs repairing and replacing. That means spending, and spending is good for our anemic economy, right? Call it a storm stimulus. • If only it were that simple.

    The storm is a windfall for the roofer whose phone won't stop ringing, or the carpenter called to fix the backyard shed, or the auto repair shop open late with new business. ...

    Several businesses along Eighth Avenue in Pass-a-Grille, including the clothing and accessory boutique Bamboozle, were damaged by a tornado spun off from Debby on Sunday. Their repairs won’t really provide a boost to the local economy.
  12. What factors make a company great to work for?


    More than anything else, creating a great workplace takes a sense of direction.

    How do I know that? Almost 23,000 local workers said so. They participated in the Tampa Bay Times third annual survey to find the area's top workplaces.

    More than 70 percent of the collective workforce at the Top 75 Workplaces said a belief that their company was heading in the "right" direction was the most important factor in creating a great place to work. ...

  13. Nomination deadline extended for St. Petersburg Times Top Workplaces special section


    Just how good is your workplace? How does it stack up when it comes to providing a creative, supportive, energetic and inclusive environment?

    We've extended the deadline for you to find out. You now have until Dec. 2 to register for the St. Petersburg Times' Top Workplaces survey. Here's how it works:

    Any employee from the chief executive down to a part-time worker can nominate an organization. Our research partner, Workplace Dynamics, will contact nominated organizations and ask them to participate in a survey. ...

  14. Tell us why your company is among the best in Tampa Bay


    Do you work for one of the top companies in Tampa Bay? Does it provide a creative, supportive, energetic and inclusive environment?

    Why don't you find out for sure?

    The St. Petersburg Times is undertaking its third Top Workplaces survey. Last time, more than 24,500 employees from 131 companies participated. The Top 70 workplaces were revealed in a 32-page special section.

    Can your workplace dethrone the 2011 category winners: New York Life (large), American Strategic Insurance (medium) and St. Mary's Episcopal Day School (small)? ...

  15. As Europe debt crisis shifts to Italy, time to start paying attention


    When Greece ran up a debt that would make a degenerate gambler blush, you barely paid attention. Thanks again for the Olympics and for moussaka, but we have our own financial problems here in America.

    Ireland, Portugal and Spain followed with their own versions of economic mea culpas. But talk of "European economic contagion" and "sovereign debt crisis" put most people to sleep faster than a couple of Ambien with a Wild Turkey chaser. Austerity programs sounded like real downers, too....