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Joshua Gillin, PolitiFact Florida/Times Staff Writer

Joshua Gillin

Joshua Gillin is a staff writer for PolitiFact Florida and the Tampa Bay Times. He previously was a reporter, editor and blogger for tbt*, the daily tabloid edition of the Times, and still writes their bi-weekly video game column, Geek Speak. A Nebraska native, he has a degree in journalism from his home state university and is a diehard Cornhusker. Besides a stint writing about media news for The Poynter Institute, he has worked in many writing and editing capacities in news, sports and features at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Savannah (Ga.) Morning News and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He lives in St. Petersburg.

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  1. PolitiFact Florida: Rick Scott says federal government has shortchanged Florida on Zika money


    Florida Gov. Rick Scott hopes that his ally headed to the White House, President-elect Donald Trump, will speed up funding for Florida to combat the Zika virus.

    While announcing that state health officials had lifted the zone of active Zika transmission in one area of Miami-Dade County, Scott mentioned his ongoing feud with President Barack Obama’s administration about the pace and size of federal dollars flowing to Florida....

  2. PolitiFact Florida: The electoral college vs. the popular vote: Could states do an end-run around the current system?


    After Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald Trump won the electoral college,activists renewed a push to revamp the system by which the presidency is awarded.

    An article posted on the progressive website The Daily Kos described the effort this way:

    "Eliminating the Electoral College does not even require a constitutional amendment. An effort known as The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an agreement among several U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote. Once states totaling 270 electoral votes join the compact -- which only requires passing state laws -- then the next presidential election will be determined the the popular vote, not the Electoral College."...

  3. PolitiFact Florida: No, Hillary Clinton did not meet with Broward elections supervisor Brenda Snipes


    As early voters in Florida started casting votes, conservative websites buzzed about new evidence of crooked campaign tactics by Hillary Clinton to secure the crucial battleground state.

    The alleged scheme centered on left-leaning Broward County, already in the news for distributing some mail-in ballots without Amendment 2, a proposal to legalize medical marijuana.

    The claims originated from Roger Stone, a Donald Trump supporter and former campaign operative who talked of a "secret" meeting in an interview to conspiracy theorist and radio show host Alex Jones on Oct. 26....

  4. Utilities behind solar amendment are trying to trick voters into ending net metering, Al Gore says


    In the Miami area to stump for Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore wanted to enlighten a crowd of supporters about a controversial ballot measure on solar energy.

    Gore said the utility companies that back Amendment 1 make it sound like it fosters solar, but the true aim is darker than that. He called it a "phony baloney" initiative propped up by utilities.

    "The things they claim protect solar are protections you already have," Gore said at Miami Dade College’s Kendall campus on Oct. 11, 2016. "But they are trying to fool you into amending your state Constitution in a way that gives them the authority to shut down net metering and do in Florida what they did in Nevada and just kill the solar industry."...

  5. PolitiFact Florida: Unions say Marco Rubio wanted to slash school funding by billions, get rid of Department of Education


    Two liberal labor unions say that Sen. Marco Rubio’s priorities are wrong for Floridians.

    A TV ad by AFSCME People and AFT Solidarity accuses Rubio of favoring cuts to Social Security and Medicare and also says he "voted to slash school funding by billions of dollars and would eliminate the Department of Education."...

  6. PolitiFact Florida: Patrick Murphy attacks Marco Rubio for voting against gun ban for people on no-fly list


    When U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio unveiled a gun safety bill Sept. 15, his Democratic rival for re-election attacked him for failing to support important gun safety legislation months earlier.

    "After the tragedy in Orlando, Rubio used the deaths of 49 innocent Floridians to run for re-election while voting against every bill that would have helped keep our families safe," U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy said in a campaign statement. "He even voted against a bipartisan measure, introduced by a Republican, to prevent people on the no-fly list from purchasing guns."...

  7. PolitiFact Florida: U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy's policies will raise utility bills by $500 a year, Koch-backed group says


    An anti-regulation group is accusing U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy of wanting to use the Senate to adopt policies that would raise the cost of just about everything, starting with your utility bills.

    "Vote against Patrick Murphy," reads a mailer we received Sept. 12, 2016, from Americans for Prosperity Florida. "We can’t afford his ‘Pay More’ agenda."...

  8. PolitiFact Florida checks a pair of claims about Patrick Murphy's resume, votes on Zika funding


    PolitiFact Florida has checked a pair of claims made by U.S. Sen Marco Rubio against his Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy.

    Rubio says that Murphy "has trouble with the truth." In a TV ad, Rubio said that his Democratic opponent misled voters about his work experience and educational background.

    The ad includes a clip of a WPTV news anchor Michael Williams on May 23 saying: "Murphy embellished, according to reports, his University of Miami academic achievement."...

  9. PolitiFact Florida checks National Republican Senatorial Committee attacks on U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy


    The National Republican Senatorial Committee says it’s fact-checking U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy’s resume as a certified public accountant and small business owner.

    Murphy, a Jupiter Democrat, is running against incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

    The NRSC’s TV ad begins with a video clip of Murphy saying in 2012, "I believe that my background as a CPA and a small business owner is exactly what we need."...

  10. PolitiFact Florida: Patrick Murphy's attack about Marco Rubio's voting record is accurate


    U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy wasted no time attacking incumbent Marco Rubio's voting record after handily winning the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

    When Rubio challenged Murphy to six debates, the Jupiter Democrat countered that Rubio was more concerned about a future presidential run than serving in the Senate, something he said is proven by the senator's record.

    "Sen. Rubio has the worst vote attendance record of any Florida senator in nearly 50 years," Murphy said in a statement Wednesday....

  11. PolitiFact Florida fact-checks the candidates for U.S. Senate


    After months of being bombarded with campaign ads and mailers, Florida primary voters will decide Tuesday which U.S. Senate candidates will move on to the general election.

    PolitiFact Florida has been tracking the most visible candidates in both parties on our Truth-O-Meter for months. On the Republican side, we've rated Bradenton developer Carlos Beruff and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio. For the Democrats, it's U.S. Reps. Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy...

  12. PolitiFact Florida: Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton wants to let criminal undocumented immigrants stay in U.S.


    Donald Trump’s first TV ad of the general election depicts Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan as dangerous for America.

    "In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans. Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay," states the ad. "Collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse. Donald Trump’s America is secure. Terrorists and dangerous criminals: kept out. The border: secured. Our families: safe. Change that makes America safe again."...

  13. PolitiFact Florida: Anti-medical marijuana group sounds alarm too early on 'seedy' neighborhood pot shops

    State Roundup

    Local governments will be powerless to prevent medical marijuana dispensaries from sprouting up anywhere and everywhere should Amendment 2 pass this fall, opponents of the measure say.

    A pamphlet from Vote No on 2 recently mailed to voters warns that the constitutional amendment prevents any kinds of restrictions on the locations of marijuana-related businesses. The amendment would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana for certain health conditions and patients to pick up the drug from dispensaries that sell it....

    A worker at a San Francisco medical cannabis clinic prepares packets of marijuana buds for sale in San Francisco. [Associated Press File Photo]
  14. PolitiFact Florida: Marco Rubio says he wrote, passed veteran affairs bill


    Marco Rubio is touting his support for veterans in his latest campaign ad ahead of the Aug. 30 primary in the Florida Senate race.

    The ad opens with snippets from veterans in the Army, Marines and Navy who are backing Rubio for his efforts to help veterans.

    After a few testimonials, the screen cuts to text that reads, "Marco Rubio wrote and passed bipartisan legislation allowing the VA to fire negligent workers."...

  15. PolitiFact Florida: Medical marijuana Amendment 2 doesn't allow local restrictions, opponents say


    Local governments will be powerless to prevent medical marijuana dispensaries from sprouting up anywhere and everywhere should Amendment 2 pass this fall, opponents of the measure say.

    A pamphlet from Vote No On 2 mailed to voters in July warns that the constitutional amendment prevents any kinds of restrictions on the locations of marijuana-related businesses. The amendment would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana for certain health conditions and patients to pick up the drug from dispensaries that sell it....